01/15/2013 10:08 am ET Updated Mar 17, 2013

What Catfights? 9 TV Shows that Are Good for Girls

By Sierra Filucci, Common Sense Media editor

Best friends really are the best. For girls and young women, they're the ones who psych you up for fun, admire your talents, help you through tough days and let you ramble on about your crazy theories.

But if you watch much TV -- from The Real Housewives to American Idol -- you might think girl friendships were something entirely different. Throwing drinks in your friend's face, calling her a tramp or yanking her hair might seem like normal parts of being buds. Even scripted favorites like Nashville and Pretty Little Liars regularly pit women against each other.

But there are plenty of shows that don't wallow in the negative. By choosing entertainment that sends a better message to your kids, you can proactively counteract negative female stereotypes. Here are our favorite weapons against girl-on-girl hate.

9 TV Shows that Are Good for Girls (SLIDESHOW)