01/02/2011 01:21 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Coming Home

Greece, Paris, New York, Tuscany, and Brazil share one thing in common: the selling and buying of children for sex. While investigating the disturbing business of child trafficking I have come across many stories -- some more horrific than others. A few of those stories have become reference points for my writing while others are hard lessons about the behavior and essence of man. Given the challenging task at hand I am in constant search for spiritual food and guidance. A few weeks ago I came across an interesting passage written by Charles Stanley that stood out amongst the rest. As my last blog for 2010, I wanted to share his encouraging message...

Our cultural anxiety has reached such frenzy that people shoot and kill each other and never give it a thought. Today most of our communities are so full of anxiety and fear that they can hardly live with one another. How did our national sense of peace and safety disappear? In part the reason seems clear.

Somehow We (the people who govern), have decided that We (same leaders), are so smart that We (the governed), don't need God. In the process We (the leaders), have taken HIM out of our school, out of our homes, out of our government, out of our lives, and as a result have been led astray and fallen from a state of grace.

In the midst of our miasma we have turned a blind eye to God and his manifold provisions. During this process- since both pain and fear are personal- our inner worlds have collapsed leaving us mired in confusion missing all sense of principles and fundamental values- ethics that need to be collectively imparted to future generations.

And so in looking for joy and comfort during this spiritual season there is only one star we should follow and that is the unyielding faith in God and His only way forward; wishing all of you serenity, love and abundance in the New Year.