The Domino Effect: Hunger, Poverty and Corrupt Politics Destroy Security

In the spirit of Christmas and the beginning of a new year, not a new decade as I was recently informed {that will begin in 2011}, let me recap some of the most prevalent issues that are adversely shaping the United States.

First, we need to resolve our educational challenges. No excuses. We must provide an equal playing field to all our children including: African-Americans, Asians, Caucasians and Hispanics who are completely ill-prepared to enter the formal economy. Our public school system is a disgrace given the influence, wealth and power of this country.

Most economists agree that poverty won't end unless future generations meet a certain educational standard before entering the markets. Maybe we should take Finland, Sweden, Norway or even Switzerland as base models to improve our public school system. By the way teaching children languages (whatever those are), by means of new technologies should begin in grade one.

Beside political and religious persecution, migration into the United States especially from Latin America happens primarily for three reasons:

  1. Food
  2. Education
  3. Health care

Recent trips abroad reinforced that technology continues to pave the way. For those of us who are not at the cutting edge and whose children are not educated within the new framework rest assured they will be left in the dust.

The great inventions of the twentieth century such as: radio transmission, television, telephony and computing changed the world and migration patterns indefinitely. In the new century, Google, as Ken Auletta aptly titled his book Googled: The End of the World as We Know It, will revolutionize the way we communicate in ways that are still unfathomable.

Secondly, expand trade especially within the Western Hemisphere which according to the latest figures accounts for only 5 percent of world trade. In 2010, when the ASEAN trade pact goes into effect the United States, Europe and Latin America will find it even harder to export to Asian markets. A new world order will arise and much like the end of the British Empire in the nineteenth century, the United States will not prevail.

Lastly, we need to create a win-win solution to illegal migration. Creating time-sensitive working programs for foreigners will deter illegal migration, foster respect within our Hemisphere and allow families to return "home" swiftly. The new temporary working visas could be made available to skilled and unskilled workers and sponsored by U.S. companies who need to recruit specialized workers for a specific time period in much the same way that study abroad programs are available to all eligible high school students.

The United States has all the tools, resources and manpower available to make these changes. All we need now is a shift in focus and some skilled leadership to implement the tactics. Wishing everyone an abundant new year!