02/17/2013 11:24 am ET Updated Apr 19, 2013

How The Filthy Rich Really Travel

What follow are true tales from travel agents to the ultra-wealthy.

Break-the-Bank Birthday

As part of a $2.5 million, two-week birthday romp through southern France that a Los Angeles man threw for his wife and 30 of her friends, 20 vintage cars from all over Europe were imported to Provence for a road rally through the Bandol wine region. The road was closed to the public for the 90-minute race, and at one of the pit stops the birthday girl's favorite chef from Los Angeles served snacks. Other highlights included a six-night sailing on a luxury cruise ship and a private cooking lesson with a two-star Michelin chef.

-Lia Batkin, In the Know Experiences (212-776-1784)

Copter Crazy
PRICE TAG: $17,000

A traveler in Istanbul who wanted to visit Troy at the last minute insisted on a twin-engine helicopter for the trip. One was procured--along with two pilots and a noted historian--for a tour that lasted just a few hours.

-Kevan Cowie, Exeter International (800-633-1008)

Bieber Fever
PRICE TAG: $25,000

Justin Bieber brings a girl onstage to serenade at every concert, so one client paid $25,000 for his daughter to be picked by the teen heartthrob. A New York couple paid close to $19,000 for a two-day trip to D.C. to attend President Obama's second inauguration and inaugural ball. -Jim Zissler, Inside Sports & Entertainment Group (646-453-8821)

Politburo Par-tay!
PRICE TAG: $1 Million

Six members of the Russian parliament, their wives and adult children had planned a monthlong, $1 million vacation in Canada fishing, hunting, and stopping in Montreal for plastic surgery. Sadly, visa setbacks forced them to cancel the trip.

-Marc Telio, Entrée Destinations (604-408-1099)

It Takes a Village
PRICE TAG: $1 Million

For a diversion during a $500,000 three-day holiday to Ireland, a family of five had a Celtic village, complete with thatched-roof roundhouses and silversmiths, constructed at Lismore Castle. Entertainment included jugglers, fiddle players, a sword fight, and a private fireworks show.

-David Tobin, Dream Escapes (44-845-260-1085)

From Russia, with Rubles
PRICE TAG: $800,000

A Russian tycoon took seven employees and their sons on a ten-day off-road trip in Mexico. They flew from Moscow to Chiapas in the client's private 747, rented fifteen 4x4s directly from the owners (at $10,000 apiece), hired local police and private security for every leg of the trip, and had groceries imported from around the world -- lobster from Maine, pheasant from England, and caviar from you know where.

-Zachary Rabinor, Journey Mexico (800-513-1587)

Peak Experience
PRICE TAG: $800,000

For a fiftieth-birthday celebration, a Canadian woman surprised her husband with a trip to Brazil. Birthday festivities--for some 30 guests--included a private dinner on Sugarloaf Mountain and joining in the winners' parade during Carnaval. Price tag for the week: approximately $800,000. -Martin Frankenberg, Matueté (866-709-5952)

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