12/16/2013 04:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Ridiculous Hotel Package That Comes With a Diamond Ring



We're always intrigued by over-the-top luxury -- $1,954 hotel dinners, $500 spiked milkshakes -- but this latest offering by The New York Palace Hotel takes it to a whole other level. Just in time for the holidays, the Palace has opened the doors to a $25,000-a-night suite that features a 20-foot diamond waterfall chandelier and (wait for it) a diamond ring to take home.

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Aptly dubbed The Jewel Suite, the 5,000-square-foot, three-level space was designed by celebrity jeweler Martin Katz, and is adorned in plush velvet and silver. The floors are made from Port Laurent stone, the walls feature "diamond-like" coverings, and "floating" crystal jewel boxes hang from the ceiling (nestled inside them, jewelry creations by Martin Katz). In case you didn't get the message that this is indeed, the Jewel Suite, the second floor also features a custom-designed Lucite tableau showcasing a collection of Katz's jewels.


To seal the deal? An outdoor jacuzzi tub, a dripping diamond waterfall chandelier, and a complimentary Martin Katz Diamond Microband Ring, worth $2,500. (Though, when you're paying $25,000 a night, we'd hardly call it a freebie.)

If you're more into Champagne than jewels, the Palace is also offering another $25,000-a-night suite -- the Champagne Suite - -that has its own wine cave.

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