08/26/2014 10:20 pm ET Updated Oct 26, 2014

Back to Fall Workout: Favorite Fashions, Yummy Snacks, Chic Drinks for Getting Your Gym on In Style

Cross Fit, spin class, boot camp, whatever your workout might be, there has never been a better time for healthy living than now. Everything that once fed and clothed the active consumer has expanded, grown and evolved into a bonafide category full of chic fashions, fun drinks and snacks and food items designed for easy healthy eating on the go.

Here's how to head to your favorite class or gym this fall like a pro:

Grab a Few Good Wears: Personal style is always about you, and when it comes to your gym wear it is no different. Sporty, fun, eclectic, classic -- how you like to dress when you're not working out can absolutely translate to what you wear when you do. For a clean and classic look, the cropped tight is everything. Fabric is key, as you want something that can endure sweat, wash and wear. Lucy's Take Me The Distance tight comes in two colors and a flattering cut for most body types. For a fun, statement style, bright and crazy trainers are everywhere. Nike's mesh sneakers combine candy colored neon with performance. Fashionistas can rely on top tier designers like Stella McCartney for cool gym looks that do the job on all fronts. The key is to think through what exercise you do and buy the right type of active wear for it -- as a rule, performance brands are better for things like Cross Fit or intense cardio due to the ability for fabrics to endure a beating, while you can go with more casual and comfy offerings for things like yoga, Pilates or light jogs.

Stock The Right Snacks: Snacks and snacking has evolved! Today there are ultra healthy choices with natural ingredients and few additives to make easy eating good for you. If you haven't tried Justin's nut butters, most options pack just two to three real ingredients, including sustainable sourced oils and all natural nuts. Kind, the company that has helped revolutionize the snack bar market, now has grain clusters that can be great at breakfast, or tucked into a gym back for an after workout treat. So yummy! Skout's raw pumpkin seeds are so tasty with organic ingredients and unique flavorings -- great alone or on salads.

Drink Abundance: The healthy drink category has so much you can hydrate and cool off with, whether its flavored water, classic iced teas or something else that quenches thirst but is good for you. Kevita's sparkling probiotic drinks are so interesting and good, you'll find yourself craving them after a while! Cleansing ingredients like cayenne pepper and lemon, or refreshing flavors such as coconut and mint, put a cool spin on the probiotic trend -- plus they're all organic. Even basic bottled water has expanded into all kinds of offerings -- electrolyte enhanced, vitamins, you name it.

Take It To Go: A great bag for carrying all your pre-and-post workout needs is a must. Lululemon's Go Lightly bag trims down the workout carryall into something a little more manageable. Perfect for tossing in snacks, a bottled drink, smart phone or can even expand to fit a small sweat towel. Athleta's metallic silver gym bag puts a stylish twist to your work out, while you can tap into the backpack trend for your active gear with Herschel's cool multi-color option.

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