01/09/2013 08:27 pm ET

Breakfast Cheat Sheet: Outsmart the Most Important Meal of the Day in 2013

It's said to be the most important meal of the day, but breakfast is without question the hardest one to pull off. Hectic schedules, busy lives, running late in the morning, sleeping that extra few minutes, all can make pulling it off a challenge. Add kids or families, a long commute, and it's likely that you're barely getting a few bites in.

As a busy entrepreneur and executive, finding ways to outsmart the evasive good breakfast has become surprisingly easy. In fact, there are plenty of companies on the market that are taking this meal to new -- and ultra convenient -- levels that go beyond the traditional breakfast sandwich or frozen waffles.

Zen Monkey, which is available at Whole Foods, is a Condiment addiction. The company plays on an age-old European breakfast favorite where oatmeal is soaked in juice, then mixed with plain, non-fat yogurt and fresh fruit. One tub can last a few breakfasts, though you might find yourself sneaking bites during other times of the day than mornings.

I'm a big fan of Amy's frozen tofu scramble breakfast. If you've got to go frozen, it's amazingly flavorful. The tofu has the same consistency of eggs and the hash browned potatoes are small enough to keep carbs in check.

But if prepared foods aren't your thing you can still pull off a pretty good morning meal. Hard boil a half-dozen eggs and stow them in the fridge to take on the go. Eat with toast or crisp bread, or all alone. If boiling eggs is a task you can't get to, most markets have pre-boiled and peeled eggs today, sold in packages.

Jams, chutneys, and preservers on the market today are making this classic breakfast staple come back in a big way. Blake Hill Preserves from a small family farm in Vermont has a product line that is amazing. The company mixes funky cool flavors like blueberry plum and apricot and orange. It's great on any bread include low carb and gluten free breads as well as the usual suspects -- muffins, biscuits, toast, etc.

Coffee has become so easy with solutions like Keurig. Not exactly a secret, as the company is well known both in homes and businesses, but it makes your morning cup all the easier -- and who doesn't want that?

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