07/08/2013 02:40 pm ET

Chic Symbols, Cool Tile, and the Return of WallPaper: 2013 Home Style Trends

Summer is the time of year for home decorating and design projects. It can mean a full overhaul of a space, remodeling, updating, painting, or just mixing in new pillows and other decor items. Whatever you've got going on with yours, here are a few of the hot trends spotted at the 2013 Dwell on Design show this past month.

Lighting and lamps have taken center stage in interior styling this past year, the more unique and dynamic the better. Though that doesn't mean styles are necessarily over the top. Table and floor lamps, chandeliers, and pendants pull in clean and simple elements for a subtle statement. Of course the elaborate and decadent are just as popular. Chandeliers and other hanging lighting is leaping beyond the traditional placement of over dining tables or in statement rooms to the unexpected including the kitchen and bathroom. Wall styles, which look and feel similar to art pieces, yet incorporate lighting in are emerging, along with table lamps that look anything but the part.

Tile has rarely left the interior style scene but new trends play on new and unexpected elements, as well as materials such as glass and wood versus the traditional ceramic. Color has always been a part -- after all that's what makes working with tile so dynamic. But the latest trends in tile are adding in interesting features including cutouts, raised lettering and unexpected shapes and sizes. While tile has traditionally been used in kitchens and bathrooms, use in living rooms and other unique spaces is a new spin as well.

Symbols, letters and numbers have been popping at stores and in homes for a while. You'll see plenty more of this in the coming months. The trend is oversized and standout, though pared down, elegant and other looks are equally available and popular at the moment.

Wallpaper has been somewhat dormant over the past 10 years or so as clean, bare walls and color have been of preference. But paint is getting a much anticipated relief in home styling and decor for a new resurgence of wallpaper. This particularly papers with big, bold and dynamic prints, statement color combinations and of course, plenty of prints. Loud and striking is the look, with multiple patterns combined or entire spaces papered for an intentional conversation starter. But if going big and over the top is too much for you, single or pairs of walls papered in addition to others that are painted is as popular.

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