Style How-to: Fall Trends for All Styles

Once you have what's appropriate down, you can pretty much dress in your own version of it. Here's how to work it your way with the hot trends for fall.
08/08/2012 05:25 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Let's face it. What works in one woman's closet may very well never work in another. That's why it can be so hard to follow traditional mainstream style and wardrobe building advice. It may recommend that every woman need a 'crisp, white button up.' But, if you're style is no where near that look, all you're going to get in return from that investment is a shirt that likely hangs for eternity in your closet.

And really, style is supposed to be personal. We should be dressing ourselves, and more importantly, dressing however we want. Granted there are some rules we've all got to follow -- a skin tight, short bandage skirt is never executive material. You never want to be that girl with the deep, cleavage bearing dress -- even if its a maxi -- at someone's wedding. Doesn't matter if it's at the beach or not.

But once you have what's appropriate down, you can pretty much dress in your own version of it. Here's how to work it your way with the hot trends for fall:

1. Classic prints. Polka dots had a minute this past summer, and by all means if you bought in a fall-friendly hue you can likely pull your pair off through the fall. If you're wanting an update, however, plaid, houndstooth and other old school classic fabrics are everywhere. If you're style is classic, go with a plaid flat or a chic jacket. Trendy girls, the plaid pant is all you, trouser or otherwise. Those who like to dress comfortable and casual, look for a slouchy knit or leggings in any of the classi prints out and about right now.

2. Satchel bags. The structured satchel is front and center for handbags so far this Fall. It ranges from button-up and ladylike to school girl chic. If you're a trendsetter, grab something with a little flair to mix it up. Casual style might love the cross body options in pop colors. It'll punch up whatever you've got in. Classic girls, this is so your number. Virtually anything from this trend will work for you. Go with a bit of pretty detail for a softer touch. What's great about the satchel trend is that you can find it in a range of price points.

3. Hair clips. Drawing from the runway, bold and dynamic hair clips are the new headwear. Not to say you can't get away with headbands, of course. But this trend is a quick and easy update. You can likely find pieces at virtually any store, or eBay as this is one piece that's stood the test of time. For classic tastes, something clean and simple is perfect. Trendy girls can go big with virtually any style, the bolder the better. Casual style, this piece is probably best kept somewhat simple. Or try it with a mix of color for a fun way to accessorize your easy, effortless look.

No matter which of these three fall trends you pick, it's a matter of just finding what works for you and how you like to dress. That's the key to working any trend and keeping true to the look you like.