01/23/2013 06:43 pm ET

What Type of Home Decor Is Right For You?

Personal style isn't just about what fashions you wear -- it's in every element of who you are. No greater place can this be seen than in one's home style, or the space you live in. While most young professionals barely have time to be at home, let alone decorate their space, there is a value to creating a cozy and comfortable casa that is all your own even if you're renting yours. Not only will you love being in your place, but it'll also be functional. Granted, most young adults are not just on the go in life, but may pack their bags and relocate to another city. The last thing you'll want is to have to ship a bunch of stuff or try to sell it.

But with a few items and some small steps you can get a great space that you'll love without necessarily having to worry about whether or not you'll be living in your current city a year or two from now. The first ticket is to know your personal home style. From here, everything can fall into place much easier. Most are drawn to contemporary living styles, which means clean and simple, soft lines and generally not too much clutter. Modern is a second biggie, which in comparison has sharper lines, unique shapes and generally a cooler feel than contemporary's warmth. Modern decor tended towards neutrals in the past but you'll see lots of big, bold color in living spaces and pieces now.

Traditional hasn't gone out of vogue -- if anything, it's gone back to its original 18th-century roots versus the more rustic and classic styles seen in the past. Rich fabrics, tapestries, lots of ornate details, etc. are all in the mix along with green and peach tones. Though when it comes to color and traditional style, anything really goes. Transitional is the mix of contemporary and traditional -- it pulls in contemporary's clean minimalism while working traditional's comfort. Transitional is very common for those who have an active lifestyle at their house.

Cottage is a fun style and tends to be warm, soft and pretty. Weathered (but not rustic or antique) furniture, usually painted, is the look along with plenty of comfortable pieces such as oversized couches and soft bedding. To get the look you want to bring in a similar vibe to the garden -- understated metals, pretty color tones and softness. Eclectic is trending in a big way, particularly with top interior designers. It's where just about anything goes -- mix and match from styles, eras, periods, colors, pieces, decor, you name it. There is limit to what you can or can't do, which is why it's so fun.

Once you've got your taste and style on lock, decorating becomes far easier. Center your plans around the key basics -- couch, table, lamps, entertainment center -- and then work in a little decor. What's great about all of the styles above is that there are plenty of stores to furnish. But don't forget resale and flea markets, which can be great particularly for cottage and eclectic style homes.

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