06/03/2014 07:00 pm ET Updated Aug 03, 2014

Home Sweet (Summer) Home: Update Your Space With These Simple, Chic Ideas

If Memorial Day weekend did amp up your appetite for summer living, chances are the promise of warmer weather ahead will do the job. It's a perfect time to update your home, apartment or other living space -- it doesn't take a lot to do, and you can actually achieve a lot with even the smallest of budget. Here's how:

1. Play on fabric -- Summer styling in the house means lighter, breezier fabrics, and thankfully the season doesn't miss a beat in providing a great supply. Silk, rayon, chiffon, lace and linen are all great go-to materials to update your abode. If a full house update isn't in your plan, little nuances can go a long way in creating a fresh new feel. has a range of linen pieces from throws to napkins. The striped linen napkins in beige have been on rotation here. World Market and Pier One can be great spots for eclectic, unique materials. For low-cost cotton, check out Zara Home.

2. Look to accents -- It's not a secret that it's the little things that make a space -- that's in part what Condiment magazine is all about! Picking up a handful of bright throw pillows or a new rug can be a quick and easy refresh anywhere in the home. Don't limit yourself to just these classic items alone -- interesting trays, plates, etc. can be used in creative ways to put a new spin on your space. We love Lulu & Georgia for its fun accents that can work no matter how large or small your home.

3. Work color -- Nothing changes the look and feel of a room than a snap of color. Go big with bold hues mixed and matched in a fun, dynamic palette, or you can do a monochrome look that showcases a range of a single, simple tone. For spring and summer this year, the big trends are grass green, orchid, yellow and orange. But you can work with virtually any color -- pastels are trending in a variety of pretty options.

4. Reinvent the old -- It can be easy to assume that you've got to buy new to update your furniture or other items. But a great piece is never replaceable -- you can transform its look and feel with refinishing, painting and more. Don't be afraid to combine color, add unique and interesting details or leave it au natural. Refinishing furniture isn't the only place to play with this quick and easy tip. You can also paint decor and other home items.

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