06/13/2014 03:00 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2014

Stylish Beauty Storage That Does the Job is Totally Possible -- Here's How

It doesn't matter if you're male or female, feminine or masculine. Everyone has at least one or two beauty products in their world. On the broad spectrum that this can entail, it can range from a handful of impossible-to-live-without essentials like soap and a toothbrush, or container after container full of various things. It's said that women alone use an estimated minimum of twelve beauty products a day, and many even double (or triple!) that amount. Then of course there are the tools -- brushes, combs, hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, etc. We all know that many of us have far more than what we use, items that we tried and did not like, things we've received as gifts, etc. These beauty products often get stowed underneath the sink, in a cabinet or somewhere else in the bathroom or bedroom.

But whereas in the past, stowing and organizing such items was relatively limited to standard issue plastic baskets and bins, or the occasional wicker for those who got a bit creative, today's beauty storage can be as chic and stylish as anything else in your home. Not only is it easier on the eye but can make storage and locating items easier than you might think. This comes in particular benefit to those who may have small spaces where storage of haircare, makeup and other items might be exposed or visible in the bathroom or bedroom. But even if you've got everything tucked away in a linen closet, cabinet or other hidden area, good storage with a bit of a style element can be a worthy must.

While plastic may not be able to shake its commercial, inexpensive look and feel, the options have expanded beyond the utility-vibe of the past, and you can find a lot of fashionable plastic storage that can actually stylize a space. This especially if you go a little outside of the box -- plastic trays intended for other household needs can be utilized for keeping beauty products corralled. But even the usual suspects are far more attractive -- look for items that have thick material, bold colors or other design elements. Avoid clear as it can show dirt and wear moreso than color or prints.

Metal can also be incorporated as beauty storage -- this especially for tools or items that do not get wet or aren't prone to leaking/dripping. Wire metal has long been on the stylish beauty storage scene, particularly for the shower, but you can utilize things like solid metal boxes or other containers for storage as well. Make it last a little longer by coating with a water-proof sealant used for outdoor furniture. Just be sure to check that it won't damage the metal or paint if you use. You can ask a hardware sales associate for insight before you buy products. What's fun about metal is that it has the potential to be painted. Take ordinary silver items, give them a spray paint in any color that's intended for use with metal and your styling choices are endless.

Wicker is still great for beauty product storage, and this isn't limited to tools alone. Get outside of the box a little with different shapes and colors -- this item, also, can often be painted to the colors of your choice if you would like. With wicker, the thicker the material the more sturdy it'll be -- this can also help protect the item from any water or product residue. Be sure to look for quality when it comes to this piece.

Felt, cotton and other fabrics are possible but not necessarily optional for beauty storage. This can be great for makeup items or items that stay relatively 'dry' - tools, sprays, etc. However, since beauty product storage often collects dust from day-to-day use and longtime sitting, fabric options aren't your best choice if the items are lined with the fabric. You can consider covering metal pieces with fabric with a little glue spray or a glue gun from the craft store if you want to get creative. But for storage, keep this choice limited to items that are not likely to get wet or leak -- hair brushes, styling tools, makeup brushes, etc.

What's great about beauty storage today is that a little creativity can go a long way. Cups, such as a classic mint julep cup or chic glass, trays of all sizes and kinds, containers of different shapes and materials, all can be used for beauty products and tools -- including many things intended for other household use. As you plan to update and organize your beauty items, consider all of your choices. For example, metal and plastic are often go-to for the shower, but in some instances glass or ceramic can work for those who may not have children. No matter what you choose, aim to make it a bit uniform -- similar colors, mixing textures and materials, etc. to give it a chic and stylized look no matter where your storage might be.

Virtually any home store has something to offer -- Target, The Container Store and others carry storage specific for this household need, but going outside of the box a bit most household stores of any kind are likely to have something if you get creative.

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