07/07/2014 04:52 pm ET Updated Sep 06, 2014

The Anytime, Anywhere, Anything Survival Guide for Summer

It's summertime and that means being on the go. It doesn't matter if you're heading out of town, to something with family and friends, taking the commute to work or summer school, or going to one of the many events that the summer season offers. This past month, Condiment headed to the amazing Dwell on Design show to check out the latest in design, get the scoop on current and future industry trends and meet and talk with incredible brands and people in the business. Whether you're headed to an event, party, travel or whatever else this season, here's a quick guide for making summer on-the-go easy, comfortable and of course, cool and chic:

1. Stay Hydrated! Tote a bottle of water in your purse, carryon or handbag. Classic options like Fiji and Arrowhead come in a range of bottle sizes -- get something large and you'll stay properly watered all day. If plain water isn't your thing, there's always sparkling, or something with a little flavor -- just keep an eye out for unnecessary calories. Hint flavored waters are an editor favorite here.

If you're headed somewhere like a concert or tailgate party and adult beverages might be on hand, there's a new trend in sparkling wine brands that make drinks a little lighter -- perfect for summer season. A popular brand for this is Myx Fusions, and not a surprise -- Moscato infused with juice couldn't be more delicious.

2. Keep Stacked On Snacks: Snacks are so amazing today, with so many natural, organic and other unique and healthy options on the market. The best part is many are packaged and ready to go so you can take them with you wherever you're headed. Oregon-based Skout Organics is one of the most incredible companies on the market for this -- the company has a range of pumpkin seed options that play on cool seasonings and flavors. You might know Kind snacks for its bars, but the company has new healthy grains that are so good! Perfect for taking anywhere. We go bananas for Stoneridge Orchards dried fruit -- it's the juiciest dried fruit. In fact, a friend has used its products for baking blueberry scones that were just awesome.

3. Style In Layers: Summer is all about layering, so that as temperatures rise or fall you can stay comfortable. This is especially important if you're going out for the day or might be somewhere indoors with chilly air conditioning. Lightweight knits are great for dressier affairs, while fleece and terry can be more comfortable and durable for outdoor events like concerts, festivals or sporting games. Sweatshirts are on trend in fashion at the moment so you can get a little stylish and creative.

4. Wear Comfortable Shoes! Being on the go during the summer months means you'll be on your feet, too. When it comes to the intersection of fashion and style, there isn't a better option than the classic wedge. With a wedge, like any heel, you'll want to try to find a choice that distributes weight evenly -- too much on the balls of your feet can cause foot pain. Sole Society has a lot of friendly options that won't break the bank. If a heel isn't your ideal, flats are in abundance at the moment! Look for a simple, comfortable leather ballet style, or get creative with a jelly sandal -- it can get wet without an issue.

With jewelry, keep it simple! A chic pair of stud earrings and a bracelet or handful of rings on a few fingers is all you need. Pendant necklaces can also be great for on-the-go. Avoid anything too bulky, clunky or chunky when you're mobile or active -- it'll be more comfortable and workable regardless of whatever you are up to all season. Bauble Bar is a great resource for finding affordable, easy jewelry. You don't want go too expensive or too inexpensive -- in case you lose a piece or it gets damaged, keep price points reasonable. If it's too cheaply made things like sweat and moisture can cause the finish to discolor.

Don't forget little things like hand sanitizer or wipes, sunscreen, hand lotion and of course, gum or breath mints. Tuck travel size bottles of cruelty-free, natural or organic options in your handbag or carry-on to reach for as needed.

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