08/29/2013 11:55 am ET

Travel Pretty: This Trend in Beauty Products Is a Travel Must-Have for Men or Women

As a frequent traveler, we all know what it's like to tote favorite grooming and beauty products around the country. TSA-approved containers are available in abundance, but if you're like many who jet about the globe, keeping them filled can be a bit of a hassle. Not only that, if you're not careful certain things like serums and oils can leak from standard issue travel containers. There is nothing more challenging than opening up your toiletry bag and finding that something didn't stay closed or seeped through the seams of the container it's in.

It prompts a lot of us to try to toss our full sized items into the mix in a hurry, especially business and frequent travelers. But, that is a guaranteed checked bag as carryon luggage aren't allowed not to meet travel requirements. While plenty of drug stores carry the classic brands in travel sizes, it's only been more recently this year that luxury beauty and grooming products have started to offer their own sample size and travel kits. They combine your favorite products in travel-friendly packaging, including in some cases, cool and chic bags to tote it all in.

The leader of the stylish product pack is none other than Aesop, which has not just shrunken down its signature and amazing skin and hair care products but offers them in unique travel sets. They're named after favorite cities and there are plenty of standalone products (like rinse-free hand wash) to make travel a little more luxurious.

For haircare, Living Proof carries all of its products in sample size sets that work very well for travel. The containers are ultra sturdy and remain tightly shut while still packing all of the power of its popular product lines. Skin care favorites The Body Shop and Philosophy also offer product kits in wee sizes that are perfect for taking with you, wherever you're headed. Lotions, shower gels and lip balms are among the items that can be easily tucked into a carry on or handbag.

What a lot of travelers do is purchase the sample size or travel kits with their full size favorites. It enables the ability to have all the beauty and grooming products you love with you whether you're home or not.

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