11/07/2006 02:23 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Hope Trumps Fear

I woke up this morning with that odd combination of calm and excitement because we know we did everything we could possibly do to run a values-driven fight for the working men and women of Ohio. While the polls have certainly been heartening, what has really boosted our spirits is the number of people reaching for Sherrod's hand, pulling on his sleeve, stopping him in his tracks so that they can say just two simple words to him: "Please win." They are Democrats, Republicans and Independents -- and all of them dare to hope that change is on the way. So many decent people who worked hard and played by the rules feel completely abandoned by the government in Washington and Columbus, OH. They know Sherrod wants to change that, and, what moves me sometimes to tears, they believe he will stand up for them and change their lives. Fear cannot compete with that kind of hope.

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