11/06/2012 04:58 pm ET Updated Jan 06, 2013

Bigfoot Is Real

There is an upcoming show offering $10 million for the selected contestants to show irrefutable evidence that Bigfoot exists. I wish they had asked me, I could've set up a team and had the best chance of finding evidence than any of them. Bigfoots are real, its about location, location, location.

It all happened for me in an undisclosed area in the United States, where it's believed two different tribes of Bigfoots are known to exist. After hours of driving to the destination, getting a lay of the land, picking out the perfect campsite, setting up all the campers, the equipment, the potty tent (for me), a campfire, food to eat and getting to know all the folks, its time to sleep and you are ready for it!

The only thing on my mind besides sleep and the Big Hunt was the discovery of 5,852 bazillion spiders in this area. I am telling you the body sizes alone on these baddaddy's, even without the nasty creepy legs, were the sizes of quarters.

I was the last to fall asleep, it was about 2:30 a.m. I was in one pop-up camper where the beds hang off both sides of the main tent interior. They keep you off the ground and away from the arachnophobia field beneath you.

Along my journey of discovering the mysteries of the world, I have learned to always listen to your gut and allow it to lead. That being said, it was about 3:15 a.m. when my body, which should've been exhausted, suddenly awoke. Strangely it awoke without feeling tired or groggy. I had to ask myself "What's going on? Why am I wide awake yet my body is not the slightest bit worn out after such a long day?" Within a nano second of asking that, BOOF! The entire camper shook with a force of intent coming directly from underneath it. "What the heck was that?" It had to be some fluke, or so I hoped and then BOOF! The whole darn camper shook again. It felt concise, like it had a force behind it that calculated its move with design. I knew there was no fluke happening now, and I was quite sure it had nothing to do with any giant eight-legged Charlotte's Web critters that could be in this "jungle-y" area, though it did enter my mind.

I decided to turn over slowly to see if the person on the other side of this camper was causing this. BOOF! Aaahhh, it happened again! Something underneath this contraption rocked it a third time with purpose, and from the other side of the camper. I saw that the other person had not moved and was sleeping, they were out cold. I was scared. It felt like something with intelligence was messing with me and did it in complete silence. I tried to find something to throw at my camp mate to wake them up hoping they would do a Tarzan yell or something to save me, but I had nothing else to throw without getting up. I couldn't scream, I am not sure why, all I knew was I did not want to be in this alone. BOOF! A fourth big push underneath this stinkin-no-good-box-of-no-support-where-anyone-can-cut-the-canvas-and-kill-me-in-the-thick-woods-of-Spiderville, USA and leave me there to die happened again!

My body was frozen solid and then I realized something was standing at the end of where my feet were on the other side of this tent-smelling-skinny-winny-keep-you-from-rain canvas, but no keeping-you-from-big-hairy-creatures canvas. I felt what I believe were two big beings standing right outside where I was. I then heard what I later learned was called Mindspeak, "Well, here you go. This is what you came to see." Yes, I heard that. I now knew what was inches away from me, my chance to see the legendary Bigfoot, and not just one but two. All I had to do was unzip the window and I would see them. I could feel them actually waiting for me to make my decision to do it. Then I did, I made my decision. I didn't want to see them. I was not prepared to look directly into the souls of their existence, as I was not ready for them to look back at mine. I knew that I knew now they were real and they existed, that was all I needed. I did not need to see their faces haunting me for the next ten years. I needed some prep for that, heck I just got there and I was already quite terrified. After I made that decision it's as if they heard my thought, I felt them "understand" and they were no longer there.

I know this is the craziest thing to hear for those of you that have never seen anything like this, but to those of us that have, especially the Bigfooters, they know that I know what was on the other side of that tent.

There was not much more to tell concerning the event of that night except that next morning. I had found out no cameras were pointed in the direction of this camper which was quite a disappointment, and I was told something interesting by a Bigfoot hunter of many decades. He said to me, "I never told you this but the type of camper you are in and being a new person on this mountain, you are the ones these creatures want to see. They know all of us, but they don't know you and every time a pop-up camper arrives for the first time they are always rocked. I never told you that, and yet you described exactly what others have describe in the same situation."

I didn't know whether to bitch slap him for knowing I was in that situation, or thank him for the confirmation he just gave me.