07/29/2014 10:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Thesis in the Visual Arts, "La Douceur De La Vie"

Oli Kellett via Getty Images

Transcendence is a funny thing after rain like a rainbow, that appears when you least expect it. What is your name? Say it. This person has everything they ever wanted. Has said it all, lived it all, enough to know what it means to have true satisfaction. That thing you had been waiting for, is finally here. The game you had been playing, is finally over. There is nothing left to do. Transcendence is seen as above, because it is above the world we know. The low desires, the low emotions, the degradation of spirit, all of this is surpassed. What is your name? Say it. This person no longer has a path forward. Everything that once motivated you is now quiet. No aches, no desires ... The ego has received its greatest completion, and now calms down and reclines ready to die.

Your identity was built upon a fear, a need and an impulse ... now the identity is free. The soul arises, the true nature of intuition comes forth. The death of the ego is simply a death of the fear that stopped you from courage. You realize that the love and life inside you was waiting to breathe. To be here, and exist in the earth, in the air, in the world. Now you can access, and be a conduit for, the beauty and freshness of life and existence. Water can and will pour through you like the essential nutrients you and I were waiting for. Do this for you, because there is no other option. Do this for us, because we have no other option.


Constance Castillo, 2013

An attitude of transcendence leaves nothing to be desired. There is no real reason to live, personally. No inclination forward, personally. You already have satisfaction, what more is there to do? Yet you will find there is one more gift, waiting. The world has one last gem to reveal itself to you.

Tell your secret, share your glory and your light. Give the world your joy, and you will find the satisfaction deepen. This, here, in giving, is the new path of your existence. Your life to others, will mean so much more to you. See how the glimmer of the pearl reflects more softly in the light, how it beams more beautifully in the open. For what is there for you to do here for you, other than to share with others the place that you have found. Share your peace, invite others to join in on the joy, now you will see the world expand and grow even stranger ... As you give your love away, and become lighter.

You will never be content at peace. In finding peace, you will realize that you are not settled, you cannot be still. Just as an ocean sits complacently yet always moves, rushing forth and alive, you will not be content in motionless tranquility -- this is merely a transition point. Peace is a transition point, because it calls you to action. You climb a mountain to find peace in the view from the top, only to descend and keep walking in order to share that view with others and help them see it too. You will never be at peace, because the world is not at peace. You are no longer in pain, but you see others in pain around you. Here in the beautiful sight of a mountainous and colorful world one also sees anguish, suffering, cruelty, and torture. You will feel sorrow when looking at this, a sorrow that will push any peaceful perspective into movement. Now you seek to heal the damaged spirit you find around you, to remind the group that the sun is sitting on the horizon of a bright warm day. You see love around you in everyone, a kind heart beaming in everyone, you only wish to extend that heart, to elicit it to reach out to everything.. If you share your truth, you might see the world brighten. If anything, you will brighten yourself.

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