12/07/2010 01:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ballet Russes Design Perspectives

Serge Diaghilev's matchless legacy is reinterpreted through this collaboration: Ballet Russes Design Perspectives. Choreographer and dancer for the English National Ballet, Stina Quagebeur along with Rob Philips, a creative director at London College of Fashion's School of Design and Technology, talk to about the project which was undertaken with contribution from the Victoria & Albert Museum. Diaghilev was the founder of Les Ballet Russes, a touring group of dancers, designers and artists from which many famous dancers and choreographers arose. With his vision and inclination to perfection, the group gained international renown for staging some of the most famous ballets in the world, as well as helping to change the scene for dance around Europe throughout the nineteenth century. On November 19, aiming to commemorate the personality that influenced some of the most famous ballets today and taking inspiration from his past repertoire, the students and dancers staged a show that encapsulated the essence of Diaghilev's work. Combining positions and capturing elements from the original ballets and costumes resulted in a display that offered a contemporary twist on the most famous classics. Stina explained to that the sheer scope of Diaghilev's work allowed for more than enough inspiration to ensure his stamp of individuality was maintained. Starting with parts of the original sets, some of which are still in the possession of the English National Ballet, sketches and photos were also used as points of reference to create the new show. Similarly, under Rob Philips, the students of the London College of Fashion looked at original costume designs to rework the concepts into contemporary garments for the dancers. This melding of creative talent is reflective of the unique nature of Diaghilev himself. Famed for bringing together relative unknowns that later became some of the biggest names in the creative sphere, Diaghilev was a master at coordinating and utilising different artistic perspectives. His tempestuous yet extraordinarily fruitful relationships with characters like Chanel, Stravinsky and Matisse enabled him to weave a rich tapestry within the world of dance that still lives today. App now available for Nokia devices from the OVI Store

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