12/12/2013 02:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Act from Purpose: Ask and Listen

"The great men of this world accomplish in an hour what other mortals accomplish in a year. Yet they are not more active. Their activity is guided, powerful, sure, because they are directed to their objectives by the unlimited resources and power of the Universal Subconscious Mind." -- U.S. Andersen

When coaching energetic entrepreneurs, we often find that it's not so much the doing they struggle with, but the not doing.
As creative DOERs, they are acting on so many fronts that it's hard for them to FOCUS and feel centered. The first three steps of our 7-step process help them set the foundations for purpose-driven action, action that is aligned with their key values and guided by centered presence.

But even when we have a focused vision, it's easy to be distracted from our purpose by seemingly 'urgent' needs.

So how do we continue to act from purpose, rather than from perceived urgency?

First, we must understand what acting from purpose really means.

Well it's not just movement. We're always in movement. Even as we sleep. Movement is natural. An object in motion continues in motion. Life is movement.

In nature we see how beautifully orchestrated that movement is. The blade of grass does not look on YouTube for instructions on how to grow. It just grows.

See, grass is lucky, it doesn't have an analytical monkey mind in the way to confuse itself about its true purpose. But fear not, we have a practice to help.

Ask and listen.

During your daily silence practice, ask:
Where shall I go?
What shall I do?
What shall I say and to whom?

And then listen. Listen immediately, and then all day for answers. They may be subtle and hard to hear at first, but with practice they become like billboards, guiding your every action.

Have you used this practice?
How do you act from purpose?
Share your advice below in the comments.

Edited by Suzanne Pinckney

*From A Course In Miracles

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