03/21/2006 01:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

It Is Not About Who We Are Running Against...

So many interviews -- it was an interesting day as the press circled around to hear from me what I thought of the city hall theatrics. As reporter after reporter told me how "funny", "sad" or "comical" the display was, they all asked me the same questions:

"What do you think?"

"Who do you think you are running against?"

"Does this change your campaign strategy?"

My responses were the same:

For our campaign it is not about who we are running against but what we are running for. No matter who is in the race we will continue our firm focus on Newark residents and conveying to them our vision for making Newark safe, making our schools stronger and making this economy in Newark serve the people who live in Newark.

So for us, like yesterday and the months before, it is about safety, our children, and creating real avenues for Newarkers to enjoy economic opportunity and abundance.

As our momentum continues to build, as our base of support broadens with more organizations, unions and residents joining our effort, our conversations with the voters will continue to generate new ideas, new hope, and a plan for Newark's future in which every person counts.

I think the press was looking for more drama or theater from our camp -- or at least a colorful response. But I know Newarkers are looking for substance -- and on that we will continue to deliver.