05/17/2010 11:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Create a Fabulous Guest Room Today

As the summer months approach, we are all more likely to receive visitors. We all get them. Family, college friends or just the annual summer party crashers. If you are fortunate enough to have a guest room, this makes things much easier for everyone. Usually, a designated guest room is the last room in the house we get to decorating. Often, it ends up as a dumping ground for furniture and other assorted objects we aren't quite ready to part with or figure out what to do with. For example, that chair you've been saying you're going to have reupholstered or the flea market find chest that needs to be refinished. I feel heads nodding in agreement! Well, if you want your guests to feel welcome, you should try and make their living quarters as comfortable and inviting as possible. Let's face it, nobody feels good in a room that smells like a thrift shop.

A guestroom should make someone feel special, almost like a hotel. It should be minimally decorated and not feel like they're staying in someone else's room. In other words, the closets should not be packed with your winter coats. Get it?

Ok, so where to begin?

First, pick a color and get painting. Add neutral furnishings and a television. I think this is key. Most people nowadays want to watch some sort of TV either before bed or when they wake up. It also allows them a little privacy. You could also leave some books, magazines and some local info like maps, train schedules, things to do.

As a designer, I am a visual person. I can tell you all about what to do, but I prefer telling my story in action. Recently, I made a video showing how I took MY guestroom from four white walls and turned it into something that looks like a luxe hotel room in Provence. The best part about it is I used items I already had and mixed them up with accessories from places like Lowe's and Target. I used some of the finest Italian linens with pillows from Home Goods. This is a hallmark of mine and I think a very useful and realistic one you can use, too.

Here are my 5 tips to a fabulous guestroom and the makeover segment I produced called, Loose Screws.

Courtney Cachet's 5 Easy Tips For a Fabulous Guest Room

1. Paint the room a happy color..greens, yellows, blues. Red would be a no.
2. Try and use pieces you already have without making it feel like it's a storage room.
3. Clear out the closets. This is supposed to be their room, remember?
4. Splurge on expensive linens. Cheap sheets are awful!
5. A TV is a must have. Trust me.

Here's my guest room makeover!

Creating a beautiful guest room can be a lot of fun and doesn't have to bust your budget. You can also take some creative risks since it's not where you'll be resting your head every night. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results. And at the end of the day...

House guests are so much more fun when they're not crashing on your living room couch!

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