08/19/2011 02:28 pm ET Updated Oct 19, 2011

Greasing Up and Partying Down at The Borgata in Atlantic City

No weekend in the country. No quiet walks on the beach. No. After working like a dog all summer, we needed to party.

We decided to jump in the car and head down to Atlantic City for a weekend at The Borgata. The catch was, I had to bring the kids. Yes folks, I brought my children to Atlantic City. I also brought my mother, who was happy to watch them while Mommy and Daddy were in the casino. Perfect.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed at The Water Club, which is connected to The Borgata through the lobby. The rooms are large, elegantly decorated and have sweeping views of Brigantine Island. We ordered delicious room service from a Geoffrey Zakarian designed menu which is surprisingly affordable by room service standards. The french fries might even be better than my favorite place to eat fries, Les Halles in Manhattan.

Then, a visit to Immersion Spa at The Water Club was exactly what the doctor ordered! I have been to spas all over the world and Immersion might be the most beautiful space I've seen to date. Glamourous, elegant and comprehensive. They are an Ayurvedic spa, my personal favorite. The glass enclosed pool and the facials will have you feeling like you are on top of the world, literally and figuratively.

If you ever want to forget about all the bad economic news and feel like you're back in the heyday of 2005, go to The Borgata's casino floor. I promise it will make you instantly forget any drop in the Dow or phrases like "double dip recession". I promise.

Saturday night, we hit up a Stone Temple Pilots concert and Samantha and Charlotte Ronson's birthday party after one of the best Italian meals I've had in a while at Fornoletto. It reminded me of Il Mulino in New York, minus the $400 check. The nightclubs are pumping, the crowds are thick and whether you like 80's rock or deep house, you're good to go. Spray tans and micro-mini skirts are everywhere.

What I really like about The Borgata is the variety at every junction. There are lower priced options for every amenity. The crowd is undeniably varied. You will see everything from desperate gamblers in shorts, Jersey Shore looking club goers to well heeled New Yorkers and their Bugaboo pushing nannies. There is really something for everyone, even if you're not a gambler. Shopping is everywhere -- of course. Much to the dismay of Grandma, my daughter had her eye on a $100 tutu all weekend.

Like the woman puffing on a Parliament next to me at the slot machine said,
"This is my escape. And you never know, you might win big. Give it a try, Honey."

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