03/20/2012 07:50 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

How to Decorate Your Boyfriend's Apartment

Last weekend on NBC's Open House NYC, I revamped a Brooklyn bachelor pad in just one day. Since it aired, I've been getting a lot of emails asking me for more tips, so here they are!

5 Tips To Decorate The Boyfriend's Apartment

When possible, buy online. Guys like easy, they don't want to go shopping all day talking to people about fabrics and woods. Go to a reputable furniture site and start there. For this makeover, all the furnishings and decor were from It was easy to use, well priced, good quality and delivered right to the door. Fabulous!

Start with comfy seating. Guys don't care about clean lines and Hollywood regency fabulousness like girls do. They want comfortable seating to watch ESPN. That said, try and find the coolest looking couch that doesn't look like some '80s nightmare with cup holders and reclining elements. I feel queasy already...

Keep a fairly neutral palette. With the exception of fabulous gay male designers -- just keeping it real here -- most guys like a neutral palette. Chartreuse? Tangerine Tango? Oh darling, you jest! So, earth tones are best. A couple of pops of color do the trick to make it feel current and hip. Note, guys don't do the pillow karate chop, either... just saying.

Pay attention to scale. Case in point: A 46-inch flat screen TV does not belong on a 32-inch console. A huge living room needs a huge rug. A small sofa needs not 8 pillows. Got it?


Less is more. Guys tend to lean towards pack rats a little bit, but they also don't do well with clutter. Decorative accents just aren't in their blood, you know what I mean? Keep the ceramic horses and horn-rimmed frames for your own house. Perfectly placed coffee table book? Yeah, it's a little dicey. Seriously. Some wall decor is enough, ladies. Let's not complicate things further, OK?

Storage. Back to the whole pack rat thing... unless your man is willing to part with his half-marathon medals and 18 golf hats (WTF?) you need to find him some cute storage! I'm all about multitasking, so I love furniture that has hidden storage... under the bed, ottomans, closet organizers, you name it.

Now, how about a couple of brewskis?


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