04/19/2012 02:11 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Push Presents Decoded... and a Few Reco's

"What's a push present?" I remember, while I was pregnant with my first child in 2005, my sister asking me what I was asking my husband to give me for my push present. I was having a planned C-section, and apparently even though I was "too posh to push," another bizarre phrase I was quickly made aware of, I was entitled to some serious swag! Awesome.

So, what is a push present, again? Well, it's a present your husband or partner gets you for carrying and pushing that baby out... even if you technically didn't push! Of course, that beautiful bundle of joy is reward enough, but if there's one person who deserves a little spoiling, it's a woman who just gained 35-plus pounds! Jewelry is the most traditional and popular pick, but I've come up with a few other unconventional ideas, too. I have two babies of my own and I made sure my husband knew what a push present was after the first trimester of my first child! Don't be shy, it's well-deserved!

Push presents, much like "babymoons," have become de rigeur for the pregger set these days. I can tell you from firsthand experience that when you have a baby, you instantly become more sentimental and have an instant need for all things personalized... trust me on this. Men are not usually the best personalized gift givers. No worries, that's why the experts are here!

Here are my top picks for push presents:

Framed Portrait of Mom and Baby

After the baby is born, most moms want to feel "pretty" again. They want to capture the moment with their beautiful new child while they're not sporting spit-up or a Garfield T-shirt (or both!). It's also another great way to keep the memories because once they grow older, you can never do it again! You don't have to get a professional photographer, just make sure it's a great shot in a beautiful and fancy frame! Just like the ones all the celebs do on People mag after they have their babies. Photoshop works wonders, indeed!

A Pretty Locket

Lockets are wonderful gifts, always have been! There are traditional and modern varieties of this sentimental gift. Whichever you choose, make sure you put a photo inside for Mommy! I have found beautiful and affordable ones on Etsy in abundance. I'd check there first. Lockets can border on a little cheesy, but they artsy vibe ones are not.


A diamond necklace, earrings, bracelet, it doesn't matter. Girls who love jewelry and diamonds will get you out of diaper duty for at least a few days! 'Nuff said.

Personalized Champagne for Atelier Moet-Chandon

Most moms want a drink after nine months of pregnancy. If so, Moet-Chandon can make a Swarovski encrusted bottle of champagne just for her! Bonus, after you finish the bottle, you keep it as a memento! I have one and I love it...

Fancy Lingerie

All new moms just want to feel like their old (read: skinnier) selves! By giving a new mom beautiful lingerie, like a nightgown and robe set, she will know that you find her beautiful and have something feminine and pretty to wear when guests come over. No woman wants to see people while she's in ratty sweats and an oversize T-shirt, I promise you! You should probably steer away from super skimpy/sexy stuff until the baby weight comes off a little. If not, Mommy just feels worse about her body when she puts it on. Cover up a little in the beginning. Only Beyonce takes the baby weight off in two weeks.

A Day of Beauty

Send mom-to-be off to get primped and prettied up at an exclusive salon or day spa. Massage, facial, blow dry, nails -- the works. This is pretty much a no-miss gift. Don't send her to her regular place, it should be someplace really special.

The irony here is once your baby is born and you hold them for the first time, you realize you never ever needed any other present. Push or otherwise.


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