02/06/2013 02:55 pm ET Updated Apr 08, 2013

10 Really Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Under $100

Not that I'm not romantic, but I think Valentine's Day is a little cheesy. I mean, it is.

But I believe in love. And shopping!

I also believe that men -- especially -- do extraordinarily well at shopping for their ladies when given a hint, a nudge, an "OMG, I love that!" if you will. So, this Valentine's Day I did my fellow females the favor of creating the nudge for you. And I did the men the favor of keeping it all well under $100. I'm hoping that instead of the box of chocolates from CVS or the red-and-white-lace corset with matching teddy bear (dude, really?), you get something you really want.

As for me, my motto is always the same: Giving is the greatest gift.

Happy Valentine's Day!

What A Girl Wants For Valentine's Day-10 Stylish Picks Under $100

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