01/22/2017 06:43 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2018

Twitter Offers Glimpse Into Soul Of Sean Spicer

Alex Wong via Getty Images

Sean Spicer became a household name yesterday when he attacked the media for their lack of "facts" regarding President Trump's inauguration attendance. While mostly political, rare tweets from Twitter account @seanspicer offer a glimpse into his soul. Here's what I learned from the tweets of the current White House Press Secretary and Communications Director for President Donald Trump: Sean just wants followers, is ready for Christmas music in October, but loves a last minute holiday deal. He wonders if the purchase is even worth it when he sees how long the checkout line is.

Sean cracks jokes and loves bbq sauce. He fangirls over Missy Franklin, watches Matt Lauer on TODAY and mourns celebrities celebrities on Twitter. He thinks Pauly Shore is "random" and staying home to cook can save money. He's felt like the oldest person at the z100 Jingle Ball, maybe that's why he loves to turn a simple "Happy Birthday" into a joke.

One of my favorite things about Sean is that he eats cookies as meals and pretends not to be phased by pop culture. Sean loves pop culture.

..but that couldn't be further from the truth.

He rarely wears a seatbelt in a cab and he doesn't always make sense..

..but he has a life, you know.

He loves Fridays.

He can be an introvert sometimes.


He said something nice once.

He could really use a lottery win.

He doesn't always get his socks right.

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