06/16/2010 02:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

No Oscar for This Oval

Does Pres. Obama even understand the presidency? His speech last night suggests he doesn't. It is no wonder that he waited so long to do his first televised speech from the Oval Office. He's no good at it.

But this goes beyond an inability to manage the atmospherics of a forum that should be a no-brainer for a president needing to portray himself as fully in charge.

Like it or not, the American presidency is all about a personal, direct and emotional bond with individuals who look to the occupant of the Oval Office as their advocate, friend, and protector -- no matter how foolish that expectation might be.

Instead, Obama instinctively seems to view the presidency as all about big ideas that should not be cluttered by in-the-weeds management issues like cleaning up an oil spill -- until political pressure forces him into the weeds.

Oddly, Obama the campaigner seemed to get the inspirational aspect of the job. But once in office, he just doesn't seem to get it.

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