08/13/2011 05:50 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

WHY-OWA? [Video]

The only thing dumber than the Iowa caucuses is the Iowa straw ballot. In the past three decades no GOPer other than George W. Bush became president after winning this non-binding contest which rumbles again today in Ames.

Still, the straw ballot feeds the Media Primary and the Money Primary -- as those who are deemed winners gain attention and cash while perceived losers are hounded out of the race.

So what is Sarah Palin, the non-candidate whose name is not an option for today's voting, doing in Iowa? Perhaps the August heat is getting to me, but sure seems like she's stalking for something or somebody...

More in this video chat with David Shuster about today's balloting:

("Countdown," Current TV, 08/12/11)

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