11/08/2010 10:04 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Better customer service and more culture change at Veterans Affairs

(Time to support vets all the time, not just Veterans' Day, and I'm figuring out how to step up the little I can do.)

It's been really hard to get some kinds of injuries covered, and just doing the claims forms can be tough, particularly for Vietnam vets.

However, the Department of Veterans Affairs is covering stuff like Agent Orange injuries and doing it as a major step forward to recognizing and quickly responding to medical claims in a few areas. This gets done much more effectively than the VA has done in the past. Not only do vets get results faster, providing better customer service, but it reflects culture change at the VA, providing a model for gov't in general.

It also is a step forward to fixing the whole claims process, putting forms online where they could be made far more easily, and processed more quickly.

Here's the summary of the changes, and how to get into the new system.