11/25/2010 11:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"Boxes of Soxes!" for Homeless Vets and Others via St Anthonys

Shariandsocks-205x290 Hey, St. Anthony's is best known for their food services in the Tenderloin in San Francisco, and also for their computer lab, but last week, I helped them announce that homeless vets really need socks:

This year, St. Anthony's and the VA will reach out to homeless and low-income veterans, and others, to help connect them to services and to hand out socks and small gifts of appreciation. (Socks are a near currency among the homeless population who rarely get to rest for long enough periods in safe enough areas to take off their shoes.)

Turns out that the good folks at PlanetSox read our blogging and have helped out and contributed three hundred pairs to St Anthonys who will make good use of them.

Hey, this really feels good!