03/08/2011 11:00 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Craigconnects: My Thing for the Next 20 Years

Hey, I know I say "this is a big deal" a lot, but this really IS a big
deal. I've decided what I want to do for the next 20 years, which is to
help connect and protect organizations that are doing good through a
program I'm calling craigconnects.

I need your help. Together, we can make a difference.

Today the new craigconnects website

  • Craigconnects is about calling attention to and connecting good, effective nonprofits and other organizations that get the job done.
  • Craigconnects is also about protecting organizations, and the public, from fake organizations that have a good story, but actually end up hurting the people they profess to serve.

One way we'll CONNECT good, worthy organizations is on craigconnects'
home page
. When you check it out, find
the "Featured Nonprofit". Right now, it's

The great folks at DonorsChoose are really making a difference for kids,
teachers and education by enabling small donations for classroom
projects. Read more about it on the site. There's a link for more info
about them. Then get in touch if it makes sense. Connect.

We'll feature different organizations a lot. We might feature yours. But
first, connect with craigconnects by clicking "Like" on the site. And, I
want people to use the "Connect with Craig" page to tell me about
organizations that are doing good stuff. Or ask me questions about
craigconnects. Or tell me what YOU think is important. Because I care
and I know that many of you care too.

Help me make a difference.