04/23/2009 06:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Craigslist CEO: Crooks Who Use Site Will be Caught (Have Been Caught)

Hey, I guess it's time to talk more about this, but remember, we can't comment on current investigations.

As part of the craigslist customer service team, even I've worked with cops and DAs to send away a number of crooks.

Jim puts it better, in a new article:

Craigslist CEO: Crooks who use site will be caught:

The chief executive of Craigslist has a message for people who try
to use the popular Internet advertising site to commit crimes: You're
going to get caught.

Violent crimes linked to Craigslist
ads in Boston and Minnesota have made headlines, but CEO Jim Buckmaster
said Wednesday the site is an "extremely unsafe venue for criminal
activity because you're virtually guaranteeing that you're going to get

"That's been the case with nearly every serious
violent crime that's been connected with the site," Buckmaster said in
a telephone interview from San Francisco, where Craiglist is based.
"There's an electronic trail leading to yourself. So don't use
Craigslist for crime unless you want to go to jail."