07/06/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Giving Retirees, Female Veterans and Wounded Vets' Caregivers a Break

The deal is that American values involve reasonable ways to follow through with our commitments and values. Sometimes we are our brother's, or sister's, keeper, and that can be done without breaking the bank.

If you've spent your business years helping a business make money, then your transition to retirement shouldn't risk your health; there should be a smooth transition from one health plan to Medicare. Check out Valerie Jarrett regarding the Affordable Care Act:

Americans who retire before they turn 65 and are eligible for
Medicare are particularly vulnerable. In 1988, 66 percent of large firms
provided health care coverage to their retirees. 20 years later in
2008, the percent of firms offering coverage to retirees plummeted to 31
percent. The lack of coverage from their employer forces many retirees
to pay exorbitant premiums or simply go without health insurance.

Fortunately for these Americans, the Affordable Care Act
will provide immediate relief.   The new law includes $5 billion in
financial assistance for employer health plans that offer coverage to
early retirees. This program is temporary and will help bridge the gap
until 2014 when health insurance exchanges make it easier for all
Americans to access affordable health coverage. Between now and then,
this program will provide premium relief for employers, making it easier
to give their retirees high-quality, affordable medical coverage.

Also, if you've served America as one of the troops, citizens should follow through on our commitment to you. The President just signed the The Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act, making sure female veterans, and also the caregivers for wounded vets are treated right. Check out what the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America has to say:

Today, IAVA was proud to stand with the
President as he signed historic legislation to support female veterans
and caregivers of seriously wounded veterans. These are two populations
that have been overlooked and under resourced for far too long.

After months of pushing this legislation
forward, IAVA was honored to be at the White House today to see this
historic bill become law. This legislation mandates badly needed
improvements to female VA health care, provides long overdue support for
the caregivers of severely wounded veterans and increases mental health
care access for rural veterans.

Disclosure: while I'm way more interested in governance than politics, I'm what I call a "libertarian pragmatist."