07/21/2010 10:14 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Levi's letterpress shop in process

The deal is that people can use a traditional form of media to get the word out regarding new tech and how it can be used for the common good. Check out what I've already blogged, but in short:

Levi"s Workshops are a
series of craft-based community spaces build to encourage creation,
inspiration, and
collaboration. The first expression of this is a print shop located in
San Francisco's Mission District. Over 60
days, we will work with people and designers (like the Post Family) to
create new and
engaging design projects that help bring messages of a pioneering
spirit to light.

I was just over there, talking about issues that I think really matter, like the role of trust in our lives, and related matters like transparency and online rights. I was real impressed by the creative energy among workshop participants.

Check out real photography of our session here.

More later, but for now, check out the calendar and the launch event Saturday.