05/16/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Realizing Transparency 2.0 Through Social Media"

Ellen Miller writes about Transparency 2.0 citing a key paper by Nick Troiano with the subject title.

I feel this is really big, the genuine reinvention of government and have been speaking with people in government, and they really get it, and believe:

...the idea of transparency in government has evolved. This became apparent with a memo issued by President Obama
on his second day of office, which instructed the still to-be-named
chief technology officer to work with others heads of agencies to
develop an Open Government Directive in 120 day's time.

Within this memo emerged what I would identify as transparency 2.0:
the ability for citizens not only to be able to see what's going on in
their government, but their ability to participate and interact with
it. The memo said that government should not only be transparent in the
traditional sense, but also participatory and collaborative.

"Public engagement enhances the Government's effectiveness and improves the quality of its decisions," reads the memo.

NCoC writes, "The way the government operates is only half of the
transparency equation and trust in government must be balanced with ...
participation in government processes."