08/06/2010 01:20 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wyclef's Prospective Presidency: A Reflection of the Global Reach of Hip-Hop

I think the fact that Mr. Wyclef is running for President of Haiti is a great thing. This presents a stark contrast to the ignorance of societal belief that everyone and everything that is part of hip-hop culture is uneducated, homicidal, drug-affiliated, or just generally up to no good. Wyclef is not only a prime example of the global power and significance, both economically and politically, of this new and improving culture of hip-hop, but also of how seriously the culture's leaders regard the responsibility of taking care of the culture's people; most of whom are much less fortunate.

The power of Wyclef's celebrity status, alongside his long history of philanthropy and community activism, should make him an easy shoe-in for this election. I have no doubts that the good people of Haiti will rejoice behind this man who has selflessly given himself to the people of his native country for so many years and never asked for nor expected anything in return. I can remember many times throughout Wyclef's career, he would always represent Haitians 100%; in his songs, in his outreach, and in his everyday life in America. I have no doubt that he would provide the same devotion, if not more, to his people as the new Haitian President.

Too often do we hear about instances that illustrate celebrities taking their status for granted or using it to benefit only themselves. I am proud to say that Wyclef, on the other hand, represents one of many hip-hop artists striving to make an impact and use celebrity influence for the greater good of society. Going back to the roots of hip-hop, more folks need to realize and understand that this is what the foundation of hip-hop culture was built on; community uplifting, positive influencing, and providing a voice for the voiceless. It is my hope that eventually, a majority of these efforts will come to fruition and thereby help bring a more positive connotation to the term "hip-hop".