12/23/2014 12:11 pm ET Updated Feb 22, 2015

How Some of London's Biggest Fashion Bloggers Get Ready for the Party Season (VIDEOS)

Despite the festive season coming around again every year and there being countless occasions throughout the year to dress up and attend great parties, it does seem like party season always tends to sneak up on you and catch you in a moment of unpreparedness.

Sequins, fur, short, long, classic black, jacquard or a touch of color? There sure are countless styles, options and looks each season and with busy schedules, you may not have time to think about planning your perfect party outfit.

It has become common practice to look to those who have perhaps more time and interest to pick out the best, most exciting trends of a season and turn them into wearable outfits.

So this is what we did. Four of our favorite London fashion bloggers spent a day roaming rails and picking out outfits for any party occasion while sharing tips and tricks for party dressing.

Suzie B from Hello October, Ella Catliff from La Petite Anglaise, Sarah Mikaela from Framboise Fashion and Tamara Kalinic from The Glam and Glitter discussed everything from the best party crashing tips and party tricks to fashion emergencies and go-to outfits.

Throughout the day all of the girls have found a perfect party outfit, while sharing their valuable fashion wisdom and favourite party memories.