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11 Parents' Real Tricks for Sneaking in Sex

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Fact: Parents of youngsters don't have enough sex. Who could blame us? Between that baby or breast pump dangling from your boob, the sleep deprivation and the tedious conversations about bowel movements, there's nary room for sexytime. We get it.

We polled the Cricket's "inner circle" and found 11 -- no, make that 22 -- parents who have regular sex, and smart ways of doing it. (Wait, make that 21 -- one of our friends has "help.")

1. "On Saturday mornings, the Xbox becomes known as the Sexbox. It casts a spell over our children and buys us at least an hour in which all sorts of good things can happen."

2. "If you ask my boss, I have a standing Friday morning 'work breakfast.' I'm much more productive thanks to that special time!"

3. "We don't have the 'sessions' we used to have, but we both get crabby if we don't do it, so often it's a quickie post-baby bedtime and pre-dinner -- then we're so happy to eat, watch TV, and go to bed."

4. "I owe my renewed sex life to Soul Cycle. Once I started feeling fit and confident again, I was way more excited to get busy!"

5. "We go into the bathroom, turn on the shower, and lock the door. As my 6-year-old says, easy peasy."

6. "We strap our little one in the high chair, put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, go in the other room, and take care of business."

7. "We have a standing Saturday night sitter. Sometimes date night is dinner at a fancy restaurant, others a trip to Target followed by Five Guys. Either way, the night ends the same way. In a good way."

8. "We drop the kids with my parents and go to a hotel room once a month -- always a different one! It makes it feel fun and special, plus sleeping in past 6 a.m. the next morning is an added bonus."

9. "The hardest part is getting in the headspace. If I'm too stressed about other things, I dread it, so I got a vibrator. If it happens during sex, great, if not, I finish myself after -- that way I don't feel pressured and everybody wins."

10. "Nap time is the only time. I'm too exhausted by the time we go to bed, and wake-up time is with the roosters."

11. "For us, noon is the new midnight. We both work close to home, so we meet for 'lunch' on the regular. God, I love lunch."

This post originally appeared on Cricket's Circle.

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