11/06/2012 12:39 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

5 Ways To Keep Your Dress Looking Fabulous On Your Big Day

Many brides will admit that one of the most important decisions they will make when planning their wedding is choosing their dress. Whether ethereal or sophisticated or fit for a princess, your dress will not only be the most greatly anticipated "reveal" of your wedding, it will also live on forever in your wedding portraits. So it has to look great from the moment you walk down the aisle until the last song of the day is played. Here's how to keep it looking fabulous!

1. Wear the right undergarments. Having proper undergarments is essential to providing the foundation for a flattering fit. A strapless dress, for example, can look dramatically different when wearing a bustier with boning versus wearing your go-to strapless brassiere. You want to have your bust sit high in your wedding gown; this will narrow the rib cage and waist area. The fabrics on your gown will be heavier and more intricately designed than your everyday dresses, so your usual underthings simply won't do. A droopy bust, gapping top or unflattering bulges can all be fixed with proper support. Depending on your natural cup size you may want to add extra definition to your bust. Some bras offer an area for cotton or gel pads to enhance your assets. Your bridal consultant can help you determine the best undergarments for the dresses you'll be trying on.

2. Stash an emergency kit. Heaven forbid a splash of red wine, balsamic vinaigrette, or the icing on the cake makes its way onto your gown, you must be prepared to tackle it. Day-of emergency kits, such as the famous Madame Paullete's Professional Stain Remover Kit (sold at Bridal Reflections), is an excellent kit that works on delicate fabrics and targets one of three stain groups (earth based, protein based and oil based). Dab the stain away, and then get back to your celebration! Have a trusted member of your bridal party, or guest, keep this within easy reach, just in case.

3. Master the bustle. A bustle is a functional necessity on many gown styles and not only keeps your train from getting dirty, but also makes a fashion statement all its own. Discuss with your seamstress the many different bustling options, from the three-point over-bustle to the French bustle, which uses a series of ribbons inside the gown to pull it up beautifully. Just make sure your bridesmaids practice, practice, practice how to pin or hook your dress in place before your wedding day!

4. Consider changing into a party dress for the reception. Wearing one gorgeous dress for your ceremony and cocktail hour, and then another fun, flirty party dress for the reception is a surefire way to look fabulous all day. Another option could be a cocktail dress, which is lighter in fabric and comes in white or ivory.

This keeps your ceremony gown pristine and allows you dance away without fear of a bustle coming undone or feeling constricted in the form-fitting mermaid gown you chose for the main event.

5. Stand up straight. Seems obvious, but brides sometimes forget to keep their heads up, shoulders in line, and backs straight. When all eyes (and cameras) are on you, this is especially important. Slouching in your dress doesn't do it -- or you in all your bridal glory -- any justice! Good posture will make your dress dazzle.