03/10/2016 01:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Organize Where it Matters

We are working through a series on Unlocking 5 Tips on Organizing Like a Pro. Last week, we went over Making an Organizing Plan. And this week, we are talking all about organizing where it matters.

Here is an example of what I mean by Organizing Where it Matters.


Every morning you spend 10 minutes looking for shoes that actually match in your heaping pile of shoes you keep in your closet. Or, maybe you go to look for a particular scarf you like to wear with a certain sweater, but it is currently no where to be found. How frustrating!


You make your way to the kitchen and enjoy breakfast with your family before you go about your day. Before you leave the house you quickly put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher so the kitchen is tidy when you return home.

Throughout the day you keep telling yourself that you need to get your act together and get organized. So, you take out a piece of paper and begin writing down what all needs to be organized in your house. When you get home that night, you decide that you will start in the kitchen first thing in the morning.

Wait, What? Start in the kitchen? Why? Do you not remember how the kitchen is already tidy? How you got to sit down and eat breakfast with your family before you had to leave for the day. Remember the frustration you felt in your closet? Why would you start in the kitchen? It would benefit you most if you would start your organizing process where you are most affected. 

Maybe it isn't your closet that causes you to be frustrated and late in the morning. Instead, it is the lack of organization you have when it comes to your make up. Or, maybe it is knowing that nothing in your home has a home of its out, which causes you to never know where to find your keys or your purse. Regardless of where exactly the frustration is coming from, it is important to start there. Don't start in a place in your home that is already tidy and organized.

Even if you only spend 15-30 minutes in your affected area at a time, you are making progress. Starting in an area of your home that isn't needing your attention is defeating the purpose. You will still feel frustrated because the area in your home that needs the attention isn't getting the attention it deserves.

Here's what I suggest:

  1. Start with what bothers you the most. If you notice you are getting frustrated in a certain area in your home or that you can't find things in that certain area, that is the area you should start.
  2. Start with what will help your life flow more smoothly. Life isn't flowing too smoothly if you are spending most of your time looking for matching shoes or a scarf that matches a sweater. If you had a place for all your items and all your items were in their place, there wouldn't be any frustration.
  3. Start with a plan for your space. Gather all your like items. All your scarves together, all your shoes together, all your belts together, etc. Then, find a way that works best for you to organize these items. For scarves and belts, I love to organize these things in a vertical shoe organizer like this one.
Shoe Storage 24 Pockets Bag Rack Over the Door Hook Hold Uo to 12 Pair for Space Saver Organizer Clear

      4. And, above all else, START. Don't put it off another day. Start today. After spending 15 minutes with the area that frustrated you the most, you will already begin to feel so much better.

Once you start by spending 15 minutes a day in the area that affects you most, you can always decide you are motivated enough to continue on with your organizing journey. Maybe you would like to set aside an hour a day. The choice is yous to make. Just know when you are done for the day and stop there. You don't want frustration to set in to the point of not wanting to continue on.

While you are in the midst of organizing where you are most affected. It would also be a good time to go through the items you are organizing. Do you really need all those shoes? Are there any shoes you can part with?

Or, if it is your make up that is getting organized, is there any make up that needs to be thrown away? Here is a post I did about the way I organize my make up, I have been using this magnetic make up board for almost two years and I still love it and use it today, just like I did the first day I started using it. It truly makes getting ready in the morning so fast and easy.

If you would like an easy way to begin the process of organizing where it matters, click here to receive your free Making an Organizing Plan Printable. It will get you started on your organizing journey. Just remember, starting in your kitchen when it is your closet that needs the attention isn't going to help with the frustration you may be feeling today. It is best to start where you are most affected.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Let me know where your are most affected in your house. Or, maybe you have a question, leave a comment and I will get back with you.