05/03/2012 01:51 am ET Updated Jul 02, 2012

'Revenge' Recap: Occupy Daniel Grayson

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 1, Episode 19 of ABC's "Revenge," entitled, "Absolution."

Daniel Grayson may be a free man, but that doesn't mean he's innocent in the public's eye. And when it comes to Emily's burn book, Nolan (and his glorious hair) just might be at the top of her list this week.

In an effort to protect his family, he kept a few crucial details away from Emily. Now Nolan, you know not to keep secrets from Emily. It never works out for the people that do.

I don't know what was more surprising: Nolan's secrets or the fact that Charlotte actually did something useful.

Little Grayson may be a total mess at the moment -- can't you tell by the hair and the sunken eyes? -- but at least this week she had a purpose. I'm sorry, but I couldn't care less about Charlotte and her pill addiction storyline. If the writers want us to feel bad for her, then they need to give us something to like about her. All she does in whine.

After some digging in Victoria's lingerie drawer, Charlotte comes across a photo of her dear daddy David Clarke in prison. Shockingly, it was taken just moments before his death. Emily happens to walk in on her David Clarke study session, and Charlotte shows her the photo.

This leads Emily to believe that there's a missing journal from the infinity box. And surprisingly, Nolan had been hiding it from her all along. Nolan, meet Emily's bitch face.

According to Nolan, David Clarke was paranoid and terrified in his final days, and he didn't want his daughter to remember him that way. In the flashback, we see David in his final moments, writing, "It will all be over tomorrow when CM comes."

After cross-referencing records at the hospital, Emily realizes that Carole Miller -- the name she pulled in her database -- didn't exist. However, a Carole Thomas, who matched the description, was alive ... and she happened to be Conrad's personal assistant for years.

But as Emily soon discovers, Carole Thomas is also Nolan's aunt, and she has an affinity for shotguns! The ice princess does not look happy. Thankfully, Nolan rushes in before Auntie Carole can pull the trigger.

It turns out that Carole had been on #TeamClarke the entire time, investigating Grayson Global from the inside and trying to exonerate David. Unfortunately, she never got her chance to free David. Nolan, who discovered David had been killed when he went to visit him in prison, told his aunt that she would have to fake her own death so that the Graysons couldn't have her killed next.

Carole does tell Emily one bit of useful information: There was one silver-haired man who could give Conrad a run for his money -- and he was the same man that killed her father.

Side note: As much as I love the Bieber haircut, Nolan looks great with short, dark hair.

Meanwhile, the people of the Hamptons are not happy about Daniel being set free. It's just another example of the 1% getting away with murder (literally and figuratively). They even start a Twitter hashtag! #OccupyDaniel

While her son was being released from jail, Victoria was busy screwing over her husband, who was exceptionally nasty this episode. Victoria exchanges information about flight 197 with Mr. McGowen from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Her information, in exchange for immunity, led him to investigate Grayson Global. This means that Conrad may be exposed as the mastermind behind the terrorist attack.

If only Emily could see that she and Victoria were on the same page! It would make things so much easier. Plus, who wouldn't want to see Emily and Victoria team up to take down all of the dull men in their lives? Now, I'd totally watch that show. Although, I'm afraid the camera might explode from all of the icy stares.

In order to help clean up his image, Daniel must prepare for his first media interview. Realizing that his reign at Grayson Global is about to come to an embarrassing end, Conrad tells Daniel everything -- every single Grayson family dirty secret, from having Daniel's prison beat-down arranged to framing and killing David Clarke.

However, even though Conrad admitted everything to him, Daniel stood by his father's innocence in the interview.

Emily tells Nolan that she's going to marry Daniel and kill the man who murdered her father. Somehow, I think there's going to be more than one casualty before the "Revenge" season finale.

Notable Quotables: (Note: Conrad was making up for Nolan's lack of humor this week.)

Conrad: "Well, it's not exactly Dominic's best work. It's a little half-assed if you ask me."

Nolan: "Ems, I'm sorry, but I could not give you that last journal. This is bigger to me than your revenge against the Graysons. This is my family."

Charlotte: "I'm failing Calculus. Why don't you do the math?"

Victoria: I long for the days before Emily Thorne and her self-righteous indignation became a daily part of out lives."

Conrad: "What both you and Victoria have yet to grasp is how little she matters to anyone."

"Revenge" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.