01/19/2012 12:37 am ET Updated Mar 19, 2012

Revenge Recap: Did Victoria Tell The Biggest Lie Yet?

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 1, Episode 13 of ABC's "Revenge," entitled, "Commitment."

Everyone has secrets, and if we learned anything from tonight's "Revenge," it's that once you have a secret, you'll do anything to keep it hidden, even if it means telling a few lies here and there.

Daniel tells Conrad that he plans to marry Emily, and Conrad then inquires as to whether Emily knows Daniel wants to marry her in order to get his share of the company. It looks like the only thing Conrad and Victoria can agree on these days is the fact that they don't want Daniel marrying Emily.

Emily, however, is too caught up greeting Jack and Amanda at the dock after their spontaneous trip to Atlantic City. Unfortunately, for the couple, they didn't have much luck at the tables, coming back significantly poorer. (Perhaps this explains what happened to the rest of her shorts.) But Amanda doesn't have too much time to worry about that because Emily warns her that Victoria (aka Ms. Moneybags) is trying to blame Treadwill's fire on her.

After his less-than-successful meeting with Daniel, Conrad treats Charlotte and Declan to lunch, and he surprisingly offers to pay for Delcan to attend school with Charlotte. Looks like Daddy Grayson will do anything for his little girl.

But, of course, that all changes when the the Hamptons' worst kept secret is finally out of the bag and Conrad finds out that Victoria had an affair with David Clarke -- and that his darling daughter Charlotte isn't actually his. Lunchtime packages are the worst ... right, Conrad?

You see, that's the problem with keeping secrets. Sooner or later, someone tattles. But who gave him the video? Of course, the obvious offender would be Emily. After all, there's nothing else that she'd love more than to see Victoria's empire crumble.

Conrad confronts Victoria about her affair with the "terrorist." It looks like Emily isn't the only one who gets upset when someone disgraces David's name. "David Clarke was no terrorist, and he was twice the man that you ever were," Victoria snaps back.

Now H.B.I.C. Victoria is convinced that "Amanda Clarke" isn't who she says she is. So how does she test her? Inviting her over for tea and strawberries, of course! How can the real Amanda possibly enjoy a strawberry when she's terribly allergic to them?

In order to make sure that Charlotte and Amanda really are half-sisters, Conrad takes hair from Charlotte's brush and Victoria uses the spoon Amanda licked for DNA. Although Victoria has her suspicions (i.e. fake "Amanda" eats the strawberries, trouble-free!), her lawyer assures her that Amanda and Charlotte are indeed related via the results of the DNA test.

But who switched the DNA results? Was it Emily? Nolan? It turns out that Victoria's lawyer was working for Emily all along, and he's the one who ended up switching "Amanda's" DNA with Emily's. Too bad a suspicious Victoria fired him.

Meanwhile, Emily plants Treadwill's tapes in Amanda's room, telling Jack to be careful around her.

Charlotte then goes to talk with her father about Declan's school, but he unexpectedly kicks her out, saying she has to move in with her mother. Charlotte is clearly hurt, especially because if there's anyone who hates Victoria as much as Emily, it's (her half-sister) Charlotte. So they have that in common.

Meanwhile, Daniel finally proposes to Emily, and he goes all out. I mean, nothing says love like a string quartet, twinkle lights and a rainy kiss. (Except maybe an equally wet a synchronized pool performance to Rihanna's "We Found Love.")

Back at the Grayson homestead, Victoria finds out that Daniel asked Emily to marry him. Needless to say, she's not thrilled, but she puts on a good happy face -- or, as happy as Victoria Grayson's face can look after all of that botox.

Charlotte, distraught after being kicked out by her father, runs to Daniel, but when she can't find her older brother, she confides in Emily.

"I've always wanted a sister," she cries onto Emily's shoulder. Oh Charlotte, if you only knew.

Jack, on the other hand, has his own mess to deal with, after he catches someone snooping around "Amanda's" room. It turns out that the snooper is a convict, hired by the Graysons, to look for Treadwill's tapes, and he gives Jack one hell of a beating.

It looks like Emily's secrets have just put Jack in a life-or-death situation, and Nolan is done with Emily's games.

Overwhelmed with guilt over Jack's near-death beat down, Emily comes clean to "Amanda," telling her about her father's innocence and the Graysons' lies. Not wanting "Amanda" to get caught up in her mess anymore, Emily tells her to leave the Hamptons for her own safety. Okay, so maybe Emily sent the fake Amanda away because she seems to mess up all of her plans, but at least it means she's gone, right?

That girl had to go. She just wasn't fitting in with the Hamptons crowd. But I don't think we've seen the last of this stripper and her barely-there daywear.

After cleaning up a few of her messes, Emily tells a very emo Nolan that she plans on giving Daniel back his ring, halting her masterplan to destroy Victoria. Nolan is relieved ... but not for long.

Back at the Graysons, Victoria comes clean to Daniel. Or does she? What looked like a heartfelt moment between mother and son -- or as heartfelt as Victoria's face could muster -- was actually just another lie, spun by Victoria, who told Daniel that Charlotte is the product of David raping her.

Whatever doubts Emily had about her plot to take down the Graysons were gone after Daniel dropped that bomb on her.

Poor Daniel. He has no idea his mother's lie just sealed the deal to his impending fate.

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