05/17/2012 01:30 am ET Updated Jul 16, 2012

'Revenge' Recap: Goodbye Sammy Sweetheart

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 1, Episode 21 of ABC's "Revenge," entitled "Grief."

They say that when it rains, it pours -- especially in the Hamptons.

After last week's filler, "Revenge" picked up right where it left off two weeks ago: Emily is on the hunt for the white-haired man responsible for her father's death. Of course, Conrad couldn't make it any easier for her because it looks like the white-haired man -- and whatever Initiative he's a part of -- are after Mr. Grayson.

Emily wants to track where the white-haired man is hiding, so she plants a camera into one of the books on the bookshelf in her bedroom. No one will ever look in that Orwell book anyway.

Nolan thinks that she's up to something kinky, but actually, Emily plans to send a tape of her and Daniel sleeping to Conrad via email. When Conrad sees it, he automatically thinks that the white-haired man is threatening his family.

Conrad calls the white-haired man and demands that they meet in Brooklyn. I couldn't actually tell if Conrad wanted to protect his son or his family's reputation. The Graysons are already in need of an image makeover. Maybe they can get Lindsay Lohan's people to help out? Ashley seems relatively clueless so far.

Now that she knows where the white-haired man is headed, she sets off to leave for Brooklyn ... until Daniel and Ashley tell her that she has importing wedding planning duties to fulfill. Daniel even took the rest of the day off from work, which is surprising since he has such a newfound passion for Grayson Global.

Once again, Nolan saves the day and heads to Brooklyn to spy on the mysterious meeting between Conrad and the white-haired man. Sadly, he had to change out of his colorful sweater and into an all-black ensemble.

Meanwhile, Emily is anxious and constantly texting Nolan while Ashley is trying to go over wedding plans. How rude, Emily. Finally, Daniel loses his patience. "None of this is me, Daniel. Have you forgotten who I am?," asks Emily. "I'm a Grayson," replies Daniel. Oh please, Daniel. Stop acting like you're Chuck Bass.

After driving Daniel and Ashley away, Emily is finally free to get her revenge. Nolan follows the white-haired man back to his house and gives Emily the address. She grabs her gun and heads out the door. Nolan, however, pleads with Emily to reconsider. Is Emily really ready to kill a man?

While Emily seeks revenge on the creepy white-haired man, the Graysons are busy destroying themselves. Things between Victoria and Conrad have never been more disruptive, and it's forcing Daniel and Charlotte to take sides. As the head of Grayson Global, Daniel has chosen his side. Unfortunately, it's #TeamConrad.

Meanwhile, poor little Charlotte is too caught up in her "Rich White Girl Problems" to notice that she's actually part of the problem. She's so dramatic, yet so frustratingly dull.

Not to mention that she alway has a bottle of pills in her hands. Well, in this episode, it was a GIANT BAG FULL OF PILLS, but you get my point. We get it, Charlotte. Your life is, like, really hard. Your family is a mess after a rather intense game of "I like, but I need," and you walked in on your ex-boyfriend (the one you pushed away) with a girl from Yonkers, a girl that you proceeded to insult for not being of noble birth. Life must really suck for you. It's not like you spent months in prison or your mother arranged for you to get your ass kicked or anything. Although, after weeks of your petty ridiculousness, I wouldn't be opposed to that scenario.

In other words, I'm tired of Charlotte. I seriously wouldn't mind if she got shipped off to a fancy boarding school for Season 2. And I really hope they don't turn this Charlotte/Declan/Yonkers girls nonsense into a played-out, dramatic love triangle. Watch out "Revenge," your "Gossip Girl" is showing. If Charlotte signs her suicide note with "XOXO," then I'm out. (And yes, judging from next week's finale preview, it looks like Charlotte may have taken one too many pills.)

Back to Emily's personal vendetta ... when she arrives at the address Nolan gave her, she realizes that she was set up. Aunt Carol is there to try and convince Emily to not go through with her deadly plan. Emily doesn't really want to listen; she's furious. I, on the other hand, am glad that Emily didn't kill anyone. (Just yet.) I have to agree with Auntie Carol on this one: I don't think this is what David wanted for his little girl.

Nolan was one step ahead of her, which once again proves that he is the best part of this show, and he turns up at the white-haired guy's house to "fix his cable." Disguised as Burt Simmons, the cable guy, he hides a camera in white-haired guy's cable box. Nolan just wants to give Emily options and show her that she doesn't have to result to violence.

The white-haired guy is definitely suspicious of "Burt," but somehow, Nolan manages to escape the man's home -- which was full of clocks, by the way -- without a scratch. That is, until the white-haired man fools Nolan by looping the footage. When Nolan realizes that something is up, it's too late. The white-haired man grabs Nolan from behind and chokes him.

Don't worry, Nolan fans. Seeing that he's the best part of the show, he's not getting killed off any time soon. He may have some bumps and bruises, but he and his Bieber hair will be just fine.

As for Emily, when she gets back to her beach house, she finds Sammy lying on her porch in the rain. He's extremely sick, and he just wanted to be home for his final hours.

In the beginning of the episode, Emily was seen digging a grave. Now it's apparent that the grave was meant for Sammy. I'M SO SAD. I don't care how old that dog is, this is not what I expected at all.

She calls Jack, who was frantically searching for Sammy in the pouring rain, and he rushes over. The two say their emotional goodbyes to good ole' Sammy. Jack cries, Emily cries and it was all very sad, especially when Emily recalls her time with Sammy the puppy and Jack on the beach 20 years ago. Sammy dies, Jack cries even more and that's when Emily kisses him. The two share a heated kiss over Sammy's dead body. It sounds more disgusting than it looks.

Too bad Emily and Jack's moment was ruined by Ashley, who was lurking in the shadows. She's obviously going to tell Daniel, and then things are going to get really complicated. But at least Jack finally admitted his feelings for Emily. The poor guy is going to be so confused when he realizes that Emily is actually Amanda.

Meanwhile, Victoria, dressed to kill in a slinky red dress, pays her estranged hubby a visit, but he isn't alone. Lydia is back, and she's wearing nothing but a white bathrobe and stilettos. OK Lydia, you win this round, but round two belongs to Victoria.

With her TSEC immunity agreement on the line, Victoria takes matters into her own hands. The evidence she needs to incriminate Conrad isn't in his office, so it must be somewhere in his home. Bypassing Lydia, Victoria rips the forged artwork hanging on his wall to reveal the incriminating evidence that he hid during the trial.

But she doesn't get to gloat for too long. Under his father's orders, Daniel threatens his mom, saying if she destroys Conrad, Daniel will never speak to her again. She gives in, handing over the David Clarke evidence, which Daniel brings home to Emily in his briefcase.

Excuse me Daniel, but what Kool-Aid have you been drinking? I'm not really a fan of this Daniel/Emily/Jack love triangle, but if you're going to be like your father, I might have to side with Jack on this one. (Despite his awful hair in last week's episode.)

Notable Quotables:

Conrad: "Ashley's plan to tie your wedding into rebuilding our public image is a good one, so make sure Emily is on board with that."

Victoria: "I assure you that I'm more than capable -- I'm determined."

Conrad: "And you look like a demonic succubus."

Nolan: "OK, this is getting kinkier and creepier by the moment."

Daniel: "I'm a Grayson."

Victoria: "Why would Conrad hold onto something that he knows has little value, other than you of course."

Lydia: "That woman is a monster, Conrad."

Charlotte: "Mom, what have you done now?"

Charlotte: "Yonkers, huh? I didn't even need the trashy t-shirt to figure that one out."

The Season 1 finale of "Revenge" airs Wednesday, May 23 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.