02/02/2009 10:03 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Natural vs. Chemical - Help Me Understand

Ok, somebody help me understand. One of my girlfriends told me a while back that she has uterine fibroids that made her look like she's about three months pregnant. At 38-years-old, her gynecologist prescribed her birth control pills to help the symptoms that are occurring and possibly shrink the fibroids. The pill was not helping her at all and they continued to grow which was causing major problems. The GYN then told her that she may have to take some other measures that would involve surgery because every other pill that was prescribed to her also didn't work. She then had to concern herself with the fact that she's married and hasn't had children yet and wasn't sure if the surgery was going to jeopardize her chances. Another girlfriend suggested that she may want to try to rid herself of the fibroids naturally. So, being a good friend, I started researching different ways she could rid herself of these fibroids and came up with some very interesting solutions.

There were several topics that I researched about my friend's fibroid issue - some being with her food and drink consumption. She loves to eat cheese. She can eat all kinds, but mainly cheddar, brie and feta. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese, which she hasn't had much of because she's been on a weight loss regimen for a few years now. In my research, I found that eating or drinking a lot of dairy can attribute to getting fibroids. Another food item that I found helped increase her chances of fibroids was chicken that was not raised organically. Most chickens are given things (I'm not sure what - steroids, maybe) to make them bigger, so we as consumers can get our money's worth. Caffeine was other problem that I found both in what we drink, like coffee and what we eat, like chocolate, predominately, milk chocolate.

So, after all of this research, she began to make these changes in her eating and drinking. Can you guess what happened? Almost a year after changing these habits, she saw some significant changes in lower stomach area where the fibroids were dwelling. The fibroids were shrinking, measurably. Her body was feeling better and she definitely had been noticing changes in her "time of the month".

Now, I don't want to go against the pros, but why are doctors and pharmaceutical companies so gung ho on trying to push pills and surgeries that could harm our bodies instead of trying a more natural way of healing so our bodies won't go into shock from being cut open or digesting a pill that could do more harm than good? I have a great GYN. I think she's awesome, but I asked her about trying natural things first before having to take more severe methods and she told me that basically, it's our body and we are free to do what we want, but this is what she's learned and believes will help solve this particular problem.

I understand that natural remedies may not be the answer to all of our problems and I also understand that this method of curing isn't for everyone. I'm just trying to understand more fully, why we choose to drugs and/or surgeries first?