01/21/2009 11:40 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

No Excuses!

I have been going through it already this year. I started out saying that this was going to be the "Miracle Year". This was going to be the year where great things happen with many people. This was the year where I needed to put all obstacles behind me and make things happen. It's not even February 1st and instead of me "grabbing the bull by the horns" and conquering a defeatist attitude for 2009, the New Year has already tried on several occasions to conquer me!

Normally, I am a very focused person and I like getting things done in a timely manner. That's the way I choose to live my life. I understand that you can't plan for everything. You can try, but not all will happen according to your own will. When things don't go well for me, it messes up my alarm clock inside and throws my entire schedule off. Patience is definitely a virtue. But this past weekend, I was sitting in my car talking to one of my girlfriends about how I expected things to be different. I was excited about accomplishing certain things in my life and then being able to move forward to the next, but that wasn't happening for me. Here I am a Motivational Speaker and I'm having a moment - and trust me, it's not a good one! After talking with my friend for an entire hour, I thought that I better get it together and shake off what was ailing me.

The day of the Inauguration, before Barack Obama was sworn in, I was on the phone again with another one of my girlfriends chatting it up about the beautiful people that were gracing Washington, DC and while talking with her, my voice changed from excited to melancholy. Although I was watching all of these great people that were coming to witness Barack Obama's day to become President and I thought to myself, how can I ever get passed all of the rough stuff that's holding me back from accomplishing certain goals in my life? My friend said, "I hear that fear in your voice. Let it go! Stop being scared and go make things happen. We talk so much about having faith, but we never activate it. What good is a charge card if you don't activate it? Talk becomes excuses and then your excuses will have excuses. Then no one will pay attention to you after that because they know you're not really taking about anything." Of course she made a very valid point, but I really didn't want to hear that about myself. As a Motivational Speaker, some of these statements are what I push to individuals. As said in my previous blog, my goal for my clients is to help them to let go of their fears and make things happen.

After hanging up the phone, I stood there and watched Barack Obama become President Barack Obama. The tears were welling up in my eyes and as history was being made, I realized that I have to make things happen. I can't tell my clients to go and do something and I'm not practicing what I preach! President Barack Obama made history yesterday for an entire nation. What's more important is that this man realizes that what he's doing is not about him. It's about what he is meant to do on this earth. Fear is not an option.

I have made a pact with myself to let the negative go, no matter what it is. I have to make things happen. I know that I was put on this earth to do great things in order to help a multitude of people. If I'm not strong enough to handle the things coming in my life, how will I be able to help others? The only way I'm going to grow is to take a leap of faith and let go of the things that have held me down for so long. Anything is possible if you believe. Speak positive and make things happen! Watch me grow...