03/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Positive Change

Listening to President Obama speak at his Presidential Address was inspiring and motivating. His address confirms that change is here and as a country, we are moving forward.

Before coming President of the United States, Barack Obama faced many challenges while striving for office. From what we could see, without much sweat on his brow, he pushed passed any obstacles that confronted him and moved forward in accomplishing his goal to become President Barack Obama.

While watching one of my favorite morning shows, "Morning Joe," I too noticed something that the President did at his address that was encouraging. Joe Scarborough mentioned that after his address, President Obama exited from the podium on his left side to shake hands with the Republicans on the right (some also got autographs). By the looks of things, it seems like they were enchanted by his approach. I'm not saying that they had their arms open wide, but they definitely received him well.

Basically, my point is that our President is an excellent role model for positive change. He's being a strong example of how we, as a country are striving to be. We're striving to change our attitudes amongst people. We're striving to change our attitude towards this economy. We are striving to change our attitude towards ourselves. We need to continue to understand that it takes each of us to help move forward to a brighter, more secure future.

It's time to abort our negative thinking. Negative thinking as individuals and as an entire country has allowed us to become stagnant, depressed and frustrated. Just the other day, I witnessed a man running across a very busy highway, not getting hit once, but twice. Thank goodness that he's still alive, but things are not so overwhelming that he had to play Russian Roulette with his life. And what about the gentleman in Pennsylvania earlier this past year who took his life along with his family's because he didn't think he could survive or support his family.

People, we are progressing. Our country is like a rubber band - we will always snap back. President Obama is not a miracle worker, but he definitely is a strong example of a man striving to achieve a positive purpose. He's an excellent definition of a role model. What's greater, we have many role models, who may not be in the forefront, but have a positive purpose in this country and is sharing that purpose with our youth who will eventually take over this world.

Although we are watching banks, companies and homes dissolve (We keep those in our thoughts who need a roof over their heads). We need to follow in the footsteps of our leader and move forward. No matter the struggle, we're a strong nation. Let us be determined to make a positive change. Let us not focus and nitpick on everything that may or may not be wrong with this stimulus plan. At least we have a fearless leader who has stepped in and decided to take action to help our country.