12/20/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Young and The Unprotected

I saw this interview on the Today Show a few days ago between Matt Lauer and Tyra Banks in regards to teenage girls and sex. The results from Tyra's survey were very disturbing. In the end, it was noted that most of the younger teenage girls are having unprotected sex. Some are walking around with an STD and are still choosing to have unprotected sex. Most of their activity is being done in school. And then, to top it off, there is also very large percentage of these teenage girls who wish to become young mothers.

These girls are out here having unprotected sex (or just sex for matter) for many reasons:

1 - Attention. The majority of these girls who are out here having sex at such a young age may be looking for attention that they may not be receiving from home. Their parents/parent may be working longer hours to support the family needs or the attention may go to another sibling. Some teens even date or have sexual encounters with older men just so that they can feel that sense of love and security.

2 - Some watch certain shows or even listen to certain types of music that gives the illusion that having a particular lifestyle is "cool." (That's a topic that needs to be discussed at a later date). But whether it's clothes, makeup or changing their personalities to attract a different type of crowd, some teenagers will do whatever is necessary to attain the lifestyle they think is so commanding.

3 - Having a baby will allow them to love someone the way they weren't. That baby is like a security blanket to them. (Can't we just buy them a blanket like Linus displayed in the Peanuts cartoons)?

So, what do we do? We already have this important topic advertised everywhere to provide information. But, there are some parents who don't want others "butting in" to discuss this volatile issue with their teens. Teaching sex education in the classroom has been a controversial topic for years. There are even some parents who may not want their children to know about sex until they feel the time is right. And then you have those who feel a little too uncomfortable discussing the issue of sex one on one. No matter the venue, shouldn't this topic be discussed, whether they are going to engage in the activity or not? Even more important, shouldn't the mental and emotional aspects from having sex be discussed?

Whether we are a parent, guardian, guidance counselor, adult family member or friend, I think it's important that if nothing else, we listen to what our young members have to say. Just lend an ear and then possibly give some advice. They're seeking attention, even to where they are physically stripping down to their bare bottoms just to feel wanted and loved rather than mentally sitting with someone who really cares about them.

The teenagers who are sexually active and uneducated about this form of affection need a real wake up call. Apparently, unwanted pregnancy and disease are not scaring them into taking more precautions. Is listening to their voice going to help? Are most of these parents out here going to continue becoming young grandparents or even worse, watch their teenager go through something that could have possibly been prevented? My grandmother always used to say that a hard head makes a soft behind! How far are parents going to allow their teens to go before their head cracks or their behinds deflate?