02/27/2015 10:51 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Best Characters in the 'House of Cards' Deck

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The Netflix hit House of Cards comes back for season three today, and we're taking a look at the best and most memorable characters from the first two seasons of the Shakespearean-drama/political-thriller/Kevin-Spacey-being-awesome-thing. Get ready for a weekend of binge-watching by making your own list of the Top 10 Best Characters in House of Cards? now!

Frank & Claire Underwood
Let's not be coy: Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are the reason you watch the show. With all of the Washingtonian posturing and Congressional maneuvering in HoC's foreground, it's easy to overlook that the show's real political power struggle takes place in Frank and Claire's marriage. They are each other's greatest ally, but there's a wonderful unease there that bubbles up in the rare moments when their individual interests come out of alignment. Who cares what nonsense the lobbyists are up to? We'd rather watch the First Couple ride in the back of a towncar.

Ed Meechum
Sure, sure - Zoe Barnes had to be handled in one way or another. But the "Oh, wow...that happened." moment of last season was bodyguard Ed Meechum's assuming a new position in the Underwood household. Having first-hand knowledge of explosive secrets about people like Frank and Claire doesn't seem to help your career prospects...or your life expectancy. Tread carefully, Eddie...

Jackie Sharp & Remy Danton
Jackie and Remy have shades of Frank and Claire in their relationship...and that makes them dangerous. They're ruthless, ambitious, and rising, and if they could ever actually manage to work together for once, they'd be a force to be reckoned with.

Gavin Orsay
Yeah, he's like six kinds of weird. But the insider-hacker-with-an-axe-to-grind could be in a unique position to cause trouble for the President. (Gee, that sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it?) Gavin is one of the biggest, loosest threads still dangling from the first two seasons...and you just know that somebody is going to come along and pull it.

They may not be the people you'd want running the country, but we're more than happy to have them back in our Netflix queue. Join the conversation by making your list of the Top 10 Best Characters in House of Cards now!