06/12/2014 10:28 am ET Updated Aug 12, 2014

Anthony Weiner for President?

That got your attention.

But I'm not being entirely facetious. Having watched Weiner kick some serious butt twice on one of my favorite bleeding heart liberal talk shows, I'm beginning to like this guy.

Admit it, most liberals are wimps when it comes to standing up for what they believe. There's no liberal Rush Limbaugh -- thank God. But, still.

Oh, yeah -- it's a little scary that the only Dem I've seen recently who wasn't afraid to go toe to toe with some pretty vocal conservative opponents is New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, whose sexual "misadventures" made him the butt of endless scathing but hilarious stand up and Daily Show routines.

But he's one feisty political pitbull when he's riled, this Weiner. And he says the things that many of us -- and a lot of liberal politicians -- either can't think fast enough to say or are afraid to say.

Two of his most impressive TV talk show exchanges were on Real Time With Bill Maher. The first is definitely worth taking eight minutes to watch in its entirety as Weiner flips the script of a Republican attack on the Affordable Care Act:

The second and more recent battle was with MSNBC's Nicole Wallace, on the same topic, and in much the same words.

But the best moment of that night was his reaction to an argument about pollution, when Wallace echoed the same, "He's been President for six years, why hasn't he done anything about it" argument he'd shot down the first time.

"For the love of God," Weiner muttered, hanging his head as the audience applauded appreciatively.

Great theater. Followed by some even greater rhetoric:

"Look. You've got 30 percent of the Republican Party who've said they don't want to do anything, nothing that the President wants to do, nothing that the country wants to do. That their single mission in life is to stop any legislation from happening. So we have the least productive time in American civic life -- the least productive time in American civil life...

The bottom line here...(is) anything fundamentally good and progressive to happen in our country over the past six years has been stopped by the Republican Party, period, end of sentence."

You go, Anthony.

If he'd handled his libido as well as he's handling these talk show appearances I might've been serious about that headline.