04/01/2014 04:55 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2014

Who Will Grab Charlie White First -- Hollywood or Broadway?

Double dog dare you to watch that without smiling. It's as if Pharrell wrote that Happy song for Charlie White and Sharna Burgess to jive to it.

The judges and hosts of Dancing With The Stars keep alluding to Charlie's likeability. The audiences in person and at home Tweet and Facebook about how astonishingly good he is. Columnists, talk show and infotainment hosts can't stop gushing -- I swore I'd stop, and then... he did his "Happy" dance, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Again.

And for the umpteenth time for those who are still grumbling about his past "dance" experience, ice dancing doesn't prepare you for this kind of dancing. It hinders this kind of movement. He still doesn't move those hips as well as he could, but his arm and leg extension, attention to minute detail and general form is remarkable. He truly becomes every character he's asked to portray, and interprets the music for us with infectious joy.

What's more, he's got that "it" factor that keep you watching him even when he's not dancing. I think they try to keep him out of camera range sometimes because they know that. And have probably been chastised for exploiting it so shamelessly that very first night of the current season.

It's no wonder he steals the show. He's been performing for most of his life, which may also be why he speaks to the press in perfect sound bites. Listen when he answers the judges, hosts and reporters. Very "quotable," our Charlie.

So I hope the movie and theater producers on both coasts are getting those contracts ready. Because when this show is over, legions of fans will be jonesin' for more. Big time.

Who's going to be the first one to put Charlie White up on the big stage or screen? Adam Shankman... are you ready to Step Up?